How to Plan a Patriotic Labor Day Weekend Party

Labor Day, always falling on the first Monday of September, annually marks the unofficial end of summer. Kids are returning to school and schedules are back on track, making it difficult to live the carefree summer lifestyle any longer. Although it may be the end of summer, Labor Day can still be a joy-filled day accompanied by the last patriotic party of the year. The tips below will help you plan a Labor Day weekend party that will be the talk of all your friends until next year.

Labor Day

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4 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Back to College Bash

With the back to school season upon us, students from kindergarten to college are looking for ways to meet new friends and greet old ones. While parents might have worked to throw the parties back in grade school, college students are on their own to organize the best back to school party of the year. Even though most college parties begin and end at drinks and cups, if you’re looking to throw a party that’s a bit more on the classy side, you might want to consider a few extra additions.

 college party

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5 Fun Back To School Crafts for Kids

The end of summer. School is right around the corner; teachers are busy preparing their classrooms while parents rush off to the store to get the last few items on the school supply lists, and kids are begging to stay up one more hour to avoid the next day arriving.  To help your kids get excited about the new school year, here are 5 crafts you can do with them that are sure to raise their spirits.

school crafts

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It’s National Peach Month: How To Throw a Peach Party

Did you know August is National Peach Month? Ronald Reagan awarded the fruit with its own month in 1982 to recognize the role it plays in the economy, as well as to promote its incorporation into diets around the country. The healthy fruit boasts a sweet, juicy taste and vibrant color that are perfect combinations for a summer party. So keep former President Reagan’s dream alive and showcase the delicious fruit by planning your very own peach party.


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5 Party Basics with a Classy Twist

With a new school year approaching, children everywhere are groaning over the end of the summer and impending classes; but for parents, the arrival of August means a little more quiet time, and that is a cause for celebration. While the kids spend their last few days in the summer sun, why not make use of the evenings to celebrate the arrival of the school year in style with other parents? Here are a few party basics that can be exchanged for items with a touch of elegance:

 Classy party

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5 Fun Recipes for Back-To-School Lunches

Whether you’re a first timer, dropping your little one off at preschool, or a seasoned veteran, driving your caravan of kids to various schools at different times in the morning, one thing is certain: they’re going to need lunch. Lunchtime is usually a significant time of day in the average elementary cafeteria. Not only do kids get to socialize with their friends, but they also get to swap snacks that Mom packed. To save you some heartache and a bit of stress, here are some lunches your child will surely want to keep. Not only are they mom-approved (healthy) but also kid-approved (tasty).

School lunch

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5 Tips for the Perfect End-of-Summer Kids’ Party

Help smooth the transition back to school by throwing one last backyard bash

For kids, August is full of bittersweet emotions. Days spent bike riding and swimming are soon to be replaced by air-conditioned classrooms and homework. Before everyone gets busy with school and fall activities, an end-of-summer party is the perfect opportunity for your kids to invite over their friends and celebrate everyone’s favorite season. By following these five tips, you can easily make your kids’ end-of-summer party successful.

kids party

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5 Tailgating Tips For Football Season

Summer is beginning to wind down, and as the school year approaches, so does one of our country’s favorite national past times. College football. Just saying the words conjures up images of packed stadiums, bright lights, and the oh-so-important tailgate. Tailgating is a tradition among even the smallest schools with a football program, and in some cases it’s practically a way of life. The food, colors, and atmosphere all combine to create a pregame that students, alumni, and fans flock to every year. Tailgating can land anywhere from some friends with chairs and a cooler to the grillmaster who is prepared for any occasion. Most of us fall somewhere in between, but if you want to do your tailgates right this year, then pay attention to some of these tips.


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Blue Plates vs. Red Plates: How Do Colors Affect Us?

It’s undeniable – solid colored party supplies make any occasion more fun. From office parties to backyard cookouts, from cozy family meals to huge neighborhood gatherings, you can’t go wrong with solid colors. They’re festive and bright without being specific to any one particular holiday or season, so you can stock up and keep enough on hand to use whenever the mood strikes.  But did you know that the vibrant colors that make these party supplies so much fun can actually have an effect on the atmosphere at your get together?

Believe it or not, studies have shown that certain colors affect us in specific ways – both physically and emotionally. And while we might expect that sitting in a living room painted completely red, or a kitchen where everything is yellow, would have an effect on our mood, it’s been proven that even the color of something as small as a plate can influence the way we feel and behave.


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Back To School Decorating Tips

Here’s how to decorate for your next school party or event without any stress

Summer has had us sweating, but soon it’s going to be time for the kids to head back into the air-conditioned schoolrooms that they’re so desperately trying to avoid. For students, this means an end to summertime freedom, but it also marks the start of a new year for teachers and school administrators.

A new school year begins with a lot of work and preparation on the part of these school employees, and it’s not all just multiplication and proper grammar. For teachers, especially those in elementary schools, decorating for the seemingly endless events and holidays that follow one after another during the school year can seem almost impossible. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that while these events may seem like a chore sometimes, the perfect decorations aren’t as hard to find as you might think.

back to school

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