Ideas for a Rustic 50 Year Old Birthday Party

Throwing birthday bashes isn’t just for kids, and throwing birthday parties that include a theme and full decorations isn’t just for princesses and race cars. Milestone birthdays from 21 to 100 deserve just as much attention to detail and planning as a party for a five year old. Whether you want your party to be leopard patterned, vintage vixen or vintage dude, well planned and decorated parties can be enjoyed at all ages. Here are a few ideas for throwing a rustic themed 50 year old bash.  Continue reading

Autumn Recipes for Children

Autumn is a great season for baking. There’s nothing quite as nice as eating freshly baked sweets when it’s chilly outside. The only thing that makes baking even better is baking with the family. Teaching kids to bake not only gives them something to be proud of when they are nibbling on their special creations, it also starts teaching kids how to prepare their own food. Starting out with small recipes can also lead to getting your kids to try new foods, and eat their fruits and veggies. Here are just three recipes you can try out your kids. Continue reading

How to Host Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving is one of the great American holidays. It’s a time to appreciate friends, family and all of the things you have, no matter where you are in your life. For many people, though, hosting Thanksgiving can be worrisome, since it can be very expensive to buy food, drinks, plates for the table settings and other general expenses. The next four steps are the most important for making sure that your bank account is still in the black after Thanksgiving is all said and done.


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3 Ways to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Feast

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to start making preparations, especially if it will be hosted at your home this year. How many people will there be? Which dish are you responsible for bringing? How will you decorate?

Even though Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that is exclusively celebrated in the United States, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for other parts of the world for inspiration when planning your meal this year. Read for ideas of how to spice up your Thanksgiving with food inspiration from around the globe.


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How to Throw a Formal Christmas Appetizer Party

During the holiday season, chances are you are going to be attending a lot of Christmas parties, and each one will serve a giant, delicious meal. After two or three of these parties, you might find that when it comes to planning your own Christmas bash, that you don’t want to overload your guests with even more food. In this case, you could consider planning a Christmas appetizer party!


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How to Decorate a Children’s Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and eat with the entire family, and chances are that family is going to include a lot of children. When planning for dinner, you may have both an adult and a children’s table, and the decorations for one table might not necessarily work as well on another table. While your adult table decorations might include candles and glass, the same might not work so well on children’s tables. Here are a few ideas for decorations that are kid friendly, and that your child can have a part in putting up.


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Birthday Party Ideas for Your Child’s 1st Birthday


Congratulations, you have made it through the first year of parenthood!

A baby’s first birthday is a memorable occasion. Whether you only invite your family and closest friends or have an all-out celebration, it is bound to be a special event, for you, the other adults and older children there. After all, a child’s first birthday is really for the parents and their guests.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Boys

Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, it is bound to happen sooner rather than later. Your son will no longer want you to take him to go buy some ice cream – he’d rather be going with his friends. He will no longer want you to kiss him on the cheek when you drop him off at school, lest his friends are watching.

But do not worry – you can savor up a few more memories by throwing him an awesome birthday party, with his friends on the guest list. Planning a birthday party for teenagers can be challenging. However, here are a couple of simple party ideas for you and your son to enjoy.

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5 Little Things You Need for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is all about food and family, both of which can make it difficult to focus on other things you might need, and some small things might be easily overlooked in the rush. Before Thanksgiving arrives and you find yourself in a bind because all the stores are closed and you’ve forgotten napkins, here is our list of 5 little things you need for Thanksgiving – that you may have forgotten.

white empty dinner plate setting on wooden table

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How to Get Your Kids Involved in Thanksgiving


Most of the time when kids want to help out with party preparations, they can get underfoot and accidentally stick their little fingers in places they don’t belong. Rather than sending them away to their rooms to keep them from getting into trouble, give them a few easy tasks so they can be part of Thanksgiving preparations safely, and with minimal chaos.

kid at pumpkin patch

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