How To Throw a New Year’s Eve Bash on a Budget

Celebrating the New Year marks a time for reflection but also, a new beginning. With people everywhere thinking about the New Year’s resolution that they’ll set this January 1st, others are getting a head start on planning the perfect New Year’s bash. If you’re a party planner at heart, but just can’t afford to throw the types of parties you’d like to, don’t worry. Don’t let the cost of throwing a party stop you from having one at all! By adopting a few of the following tips you can host a great party without having to work all of 2015 to pay it off.

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3 Easy DIY Holiday Crafts to Make Your Home Shine

If you have children, you know that the holiday season is the time, more than any other, when kids make crafts. Every day after school, a quick check of the backpack will reveal yet another red and green masterpiece. But Christmas crafts aren’t just for kids. Not only are holiday crafts just as fun for adults, sometimes homemade decorations can give a home a cozier atmosphere than any store-bought ones could.

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How to Create the Perfect Christmas Cookie Platter

One of the most enjoyable and anticipated aspects of the holiday season is baking. Tying on an apron and creating special memories with family and friends makes the season bright – not to mention delicious. Of all the Christmas goodies baked in December, probably the most common is the cookie. Just about everyone enjoys putting together colorful, festive platters of Christmas cookies to offer to guests or give as gifts. But what’s the secret to creating the perfect Christmas cookie platter? My Paper Shop has you covered with the following tips.

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Tips for Awesome Classroom Christmas Parties

When December rolls around, students and teachers alike begin to look forward to the annual classroom Christmas party. After the stress of ending the first semester, high school and middle school students enjoy having a chance to blow off steam with their friends. Elementary school students also relish the opportunity to spend time celebrating the season – especially when treats and fun holiday crafts are involved. And teachers appreciate having a little downtime during this busy month as well.


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5 Ideas for a Guy’s 40th Birthday Party

The big fortieth birthday is coming, and you want to make it special for the guest of honor. Most men are not too bothered by the milestone birthday, so now is your chance to give him a fun and memorable day with friends and family.

A good milestone birthday party takes a little advance preparation, though. Be sure to think through your day’s activities with the guest list in mind. Is it a day of family-friendly fun, or are you planning an adults-only event? Be sure to send out invitations ahead of time and let your guests know of any items they are expected to bring or special dress code you may be planning. Finally, don’t forget the food! Make the menu or reservations simple and appropriate for the party, and definitely stock up on party supplies so your event will go off without a hitch.

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5 Ways to Celebrate a 21st Birthday

Twenty-first birthdays are a big deal. Officially an adult, the young person is ready to celebrate the end of childhood and the potential of the coming decade. Make the celebration memorable with a great party for friends and family.

A successful twenty-first birthday party requires little planning for success. The guest of honor is probably planning to toast in the birthday, so you’ll want to have the drinks at the ready. Food will be very important but need not be fancy. Gourmet pizzas, a huge pot of chili, or even make-your-own tacos are all fun and liquor-friendly options. Most importantly, be sure to have a designated driver if you are hosting a destination event. You can even make it fun by having the driving friend dress up as a limo or taxi driver for laughs.

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5 Ideas for a Girl’s 40th Birthday Party

Turning the big 4-0 can be a major event in a woman’s life. She may have resigned herself to the march of time, or maybe she’s in denial about it altogether. Help her celebrate how far she’s come and the bright future ahead with these fun and feminine fortieth birthday ideas.

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How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange

A fun holiday tradition is a Christmas cookie exchange. With several friends baking and sharing goodies and recipes, the afternoon is sure to be full of sweet smiles.

A cookie exchange is simple. Friends gather dozens of sweets and come together to trade cookies and recipes. At the end of the afternoon, each goes home with an assortment to enjoy with their own family during the holiday season.

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The Minimalist’s Guide to Holiday Parties

The holiday season is a time for hospitality. Whether you are hosting extended family or a large event, you want to make it special.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, the real purpose of the evening. You want to keep things simple so the focus stays on loved ones and lasting memories, not how hard you’re working in the kitchen. Take a few minutes to plan your party carefully, and it will be a memory you cherish long into the new year.

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12 Ways LA Does the Holidays Right


What could be better than a festive holiday season in beautiful Los Angeles? Get out with your loved ones and celebrate all the city has to offer.

1. Tree Lighting Ceremonies


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