All Saints Day

November 1 is the celebration of All Saints Day, a day that honors all saints, regardless of whether they are widely known or not. This feast is not unique to Catholicism, as it is observed by other religions such as Lutheranism, Methodism and Protestant.

In some Latin countries, “ofrendas” or offerings are made. Some cultures create altars on tables with pictures of deceased loved ones, an array of their favorite meals, trinkets, tiny skeleton decorations and other arrangements. Some altars are elaborately decorated with elegant paper table covers and candles.

In some parts of Europe such as Austria, Portugal, Spain and France, people visit the graves of dead friends/relatives and take them flowers.

In English-speaking countries, groups of people celebrate the festival by reciting the hymn, “For All the Saints.”

This year, All Saints Day is celebrated on a Sunday and is therefore a Holy Day of Obligation for Roman Catholics. Regardless of what it has been named, this feast should be observed by all in remembrance of those loved ones that are no longer with us.

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