Looking Past The Traditional Easter Basket

For years, Easter has been celebrated with colorful baskets full of eggs, candy and other goodies.  However, it has only been in modern times that the Easter basket has come to be.  This tradition of leaving “gifts” at Easter time dates back hundreds of years, when children would make “nests” for the Easter Bunny to leave gifts.  These nests could be made from hats or bonnets, stockings, and even pots or large spoons.  So, when you are considering spring or Easter decor, look beyond using simply baskets full of goodies for gifts or table decorations: think of other containers that would work well, too!

For small Spring baskets that can easily be filled with small candies or other goodies such as jellybeans, small chocolates and pastel-colored mints, try using large baking cups.  To transform them into a “basket”, simply poke two small holes directly across from each other along the top rim of the cup and thread a chenille stem through the holes, then bend it like a handle.  These are economical, easy and make great treat cups or party favors for large gatherings such as weddings or luncheons.

Similarly, plastic beverage cupspaper beverage cups and clear plastic drinkware can be used much the same way.  The containers are studier and can hold more than a baking cup.  The outsides can be decorated with adhesive foam pieces, markers or other craft materials.  The clear plastic drinkware comes in a variety of styles, from stemware to tumblers, giving you ample options for display.  Plus, this is a great way to utilize extra supplies that might be available!

Another terrific idea other than a simple basket are gift boxes.  MyPaperShop has an excellent supply of cookie, pie and cupcake boxes, all of which would be fun and different alternatives to a basket.  Also, look into takeout container-style gift boxes.  These can be easily decorated and are perfect for table centerpieces as well as party favors, no matter how large or small the crowd!  MyPaperShop also offers a fun, cone-shaped gift box, perfect for Easter.  Hang them from a tree, from a doorway or wherever your creativity takes you – they are sure to be a hit!

Whatever the occasion this Spring, consider a fun and whimsical alternative to the Easter basket for decorating and more!

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