5 Party Basics with a Classy Twist

With a new school year approaching, children everywhere are groaning over the end of the summer and impending classes; but for parents, the arrival of August means a little more quiet time, and that is a cause for celebration. While the kids spend their last few days in the summer sun, why not make use of the evenings to celebrate the arrival of the school year in style with other parents? Here are a few party basics that can be exchanged for items with a touch of elegance:

 Classy party

  1. Solid paper plates for embossed paper plates

Even though we all enjoy disposable plates in bright, solid colors for a kids’ party, try exchanging them for embossed paper plates, or plates with a little bit of fancy flair around the edges. You can still get your plates in fun colors, or go for a more toned down paper dish set up. The plates might still be paper, but they don’t have to look like they came from the kids’ table.

  1. White cutlery for metallic cutlery

While you might not be serving a three course meal at your party, you shouldn’t have to give up the silverware for white plastic forks and knives. Swapping basic cutlery for a metallic set adds a nice touch to any party. Try setting your table with metallic plastic cutlery that looks like real silverware rather than having to fish utensils out of a plastic box at the last minute.

  1. Band the napkins

This isn’t exactly exchanging your paper napkins for something different, but you can add a paper napkin band to your table setting. Using a fun accent color on a white napkin keeps things neat, but also interesting. Putting a band around your napkins gives them that touch of extra effort your guests will appreciate, and adds a lovely flair to your table setting. Lay them out at each place, or pile them neatly in a basket for guests to pick and choose their own colors.

  1. Colored cups for plastic wine glasses

At an adult party, you’re probably going to want some wine to go with your meal. Rather than using solid colored plastic cups or risking the nice wine glasses, give plastic wine glasses a go. There’s just something about a wine glass that makes an evening particularly special, and your guests will appreciate not having to write their names on red plastic cups.

  1. Plastic tablecloths for linen-like tablecloths

If you really want to go the extra mile, break out a linen or Linen-like © tablecloth rather than a regular plastic tablecloth. A plain white tablecloth can really add elegance to your party, or you can go with a fun color if you’re throwing an outdoor bash full of younger guests. Either way, a tablecloth will make your table visually appealing no matter what, and it makes for easy clean up at the end of the night.

Even though your kids might already be saying goodbye to the freedom of summer, back to school means parents can say hello to a little more downtime. Get some of your friends together to celebrate back to school, and party it up parent style by exchanging the kids’ table basics for a few products with a more elegant twist.

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