5 Reasons to Plan a Baseball Themed Baby Shower

Remember when I shared my good friend’s Turtle themed baby shower a few weeks ago? Well, her mother-in-law was sweet enough to throw her a surprise Baseball themed baby shower this past weekend. I was able to make it just in time to snap a few shots of the table setup and decor.

This was the overall setup on the patio outside.

1. Overall Set-up: This was the early set-up for the patio outside. Licensed Anaheim Angels latex balloons were added at each table later. We alternated solid color round table covers in red and blue to tie the theme together. We found baseball print paper lanterns at our local party store, but you could easily customize solid white paper lanterns if there aren’t any in your area. It was simple, unique and so cute. My friend and her husband are diehard Angels baseball fans and the theme could not have been more  perfect for them.

2. Baseball Stadium theme Centerpieces:

We’re not going to take all the credit for the centerpiece idea because it’s a compilation of various ideas we found while trolling the Internet. Aren’t they great? We purchased a roll of artificial lawn turf and cut it into 12 x 12 Inch squares for the base of the centerpieces, then topped them off with mason jars and/or tin pails. We filled the jars and pails with baseball stadium theme snacks: big league chew bubble gum, Baby Ruth chocolate (fun size), peanuts and red licorice. Our guests loved them and snacked on them throughout the afternoon!

3. Homemade Baseball theme CaterWraps:

Homemade CaterWraps

Not only do these save you from the “napkin hoarders” but they’re convenient for buffet-style parties. We wrapped clear forks and spoons in Navy Blue paper dinner napkins and an officially licensed Angels luncheon napkins. We tied them together with natural colored raffia string. It sped up the line and we were able to keep them theme intact!

4. Popcorn TableSeriously, who doesn’t love popcorn. I can have dinner before going to the movie theater and still be suckered into buying popcorn…just based on the smell. It’s terrible…for someone on a diet that is. Regardless, we set-up a popcorn table and everyone was snacking on it after dinner. So yummy and cute!

5. Baseball theme cake table:

We used the leftover turf to put under the dessert table. We were so excited we had extra material because it tied everything together so well. We had cupcakes, jell-o, fruit and cake, of course! We set out a baseball print dessert plates and invited everyone to attack the table right before we opened gifts.

The happy parents-to-be accidentally dressed for the theme! We got the new dad an MVP Ribbon and the new mommy a rose corsage. Congrats, you two!

We searched the internet for hours for ideas, and honestly you don’t have to copy everything so it is exact. Add your own special touch! For more Baseball Theme Party Supplies, click on the link, call us (888-412-7467), e-mail us ([email protected]) or Facebook us! We would love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

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