5 Tailgating Tips For Football Season

Summer is beginning to wind down, and as the school year approaches, so does one of our country’s favorite national past times. College football. Just saying the words conjures up images of packed stadiums, bright lights, and the oh-so-important tailgate. Tailgating is a tradition among even the smallest schools with a football program, and in some cases it’s practically a way of life. The food, colors, and atmosphere all combine to create a pregame that students, alumni, and fans flock to every year. Tailgating can land anywhere from some friends with chairs and a cooler to the grillmaster who is prepared for any occasion. Most of us fall somewhere in between, but if you want to do your tailgates right this year, then pay attention to some of these tips.


  1. Preparation

While a couple coolers doubling as chairs might work for those still enjoying their college years, chances are you are going to need to put a little more work into your tailgate. Packing up the morning of can be tricky, and you don’t want to get loaded up and ready to go before realizing you never got your tent back from your buddy after that game last year. Preparation is key.

  1. Get There Early

This one is important, guys. If you don’t want to be stuck 5 miles from the stadium in lot ZZ, then you want to get yourself up and moving at what is probably not your natural time. You might be grumpy at first, but when you see other tailgaters glancing enviously at your spot as they drive by, you’ll know you made the right choice. Know where you’re going and have a couple back-ups just in case.

  1. Rep Your Colors

What’s the point of tailgating if you aren’t also decked out in your team’s colors? The visiting tailgaters need to know exactly who you are and who your team is. Jersey? Check. Streamers? Check. Colored napkins so even your trash can shouts out your team? Check. There really just isn’t any excuse for showing up without any of these.

  1. Music

It’s basically a given that a party like a major tailgate needs some tunes. Try to shoot for feel good music that most people are going to enjoy. You don’t want to be that guy who is blasting only his favorite songs and not taking requests.

  1. Food, Food, and More Food

This should go without saying, to be honest. The heart of any good tailgate is the food. Staples include hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken wings, but the list is nearly endless. Try bringing a unique dish that you can share with your neighbors to make sure everyone gets off on the right foot.

So there you have it. Experts know that there are more elements that go into a successful tailgate, but these are the basics. So dust off your grills, bust out that jersey, and get ready to cheer on your team this fall. If you have any more ideas for a great tailgate, leave them in the comments below!

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