6 Plus Reasons to Plan a Turtle Themed Baby Shower

I attended one of my best friend’s baby shower this weekend and I MUST share with you how adorable the whole party was! It was a turtle theme and it turned out perfectly. :-D

the happy soon-to-be parents

My friend and her mom did such a great job. So great, that each detail is a bound to be a reason you might plan a similarly themed shower:

1. The tables and the 2. centerpieces looked effortlessly elegant and fun at the same time:

Custom-made cutouts and table centerpieces

My friend ordered the custom-made cutout pieces on decorating sticks from Etsy.com (I’m not responsible if you develop an addiction to that site!). She used tissue paper, foam, ribbon and mason jars to tie the centerpieces together. Aren’t they cute? Nothing too fancy or too simple. She used light blue linens and Turtle theme confetti as a decorative accent. Turtle-iffic!

3. Metallic balloons and giant personalized banners:

Personalized banners and our very own turtle themed metallic balloons!

We offer Giant Turtle Themed Banners with attachments for quick personalization or you can search online for a website that specializes in personalization as well. If you have the time and it fits your theme better, than I would suggest finding a personalization service, but ours are just as cute! It’s two different  styles. I think banners are important at baby showers because it adds a sweet welcoming touch!

Our Turtle Theme Metallic Balloons are also a great way to decorate tables. They’re easy and they add a festive feel to the decor. Balloons are just fun period.

4. Fruit Buffet

Fruit and Vegetable Buffet Art

If this isn’t the cutest fruit and vegetable buffet table, than I demand you send me pictures of yours. I’ll share them with everyone on Facebook, I promise! My friend’s family friend does fruit art and he put together this adorable fruit buffet. I was dying! How great is this? She set out Turtle Themed Paper Dessert Plates and plastic cutlery so us guests were able to help ourselves as we pleased. It was so cute, I almost didn’t want to dig in, but don’t worry I did.

5. Turtle Themed Cone-Shaped Favor Boxes

Turtle Themed Cone Shaped Favors

My friend filled these small favor boxes with raspberry gum drops from a specialty candy store she found online. I love our cone shaped boxes, I think they’re so unique and adorable. These are simple to put together and fill. A cute thank you to your guests for sharing such a special milestone in your life.

6. Because it’s different from the standard themes and an overall cute way to welcome the new addition to your family. We cannot wait to meet Baby Jordan!!

Stay tuned for her second shower. I can’t wait to show you guys what we put together. Happy party planning!

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