Gold Foil Paper Doilies

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    Gold Foil Paper Doilies

    Case Price: $30.95

    Product Code: GOLDFDOILY

    Gold foil doilies showcase beautifully intricate lace designs that add an elegant touch to every meal or pastry presentation. These round doilies feature gold foil on one side with a white paper backing. Get creative with tabletop food presentations and serving trays by using gold doilies to accent centerpieces, baked goods, tea dishes, and meal platters.

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    • Each size features a unique lace design.
    • Available in 3 different sizes: 5, 9.5, and 12 inch.
    • Case includes 500 individual pieces.
    • Imported.
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    Brand: Hoffmaster

    Case Quantity: 500 Foil Doilies

    Packaging Type: Bulk. Not packaged for resale purposes.

    Minimum Order: 1 Full Case. Not available in smaller quantities.

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