Balloon Parade Party Supplies

Balloon Parade party supplies are the perfect complement to a colorful event with plenty of cheer. This theme is versatile enough to suit any guest of honor, so you can stock up on bulk supplies and use them again and again for office birthday parties or celebratory group events. Pull out these staples as you're celebrating all the birthdays in your Scout troop, book club, or classroom. The classic look will never go out of style, and the bright colors are sure to excite.

Set a Stellar Birthday Table with Bulk Tableware

This wholesale collection of party supplies includes all the pieces you need to set an exciting table. Offer lunch on Balloon Parade luncheon plates and luncheon napkins. Serve your cake, ice cream, and other treats on convenient 7-inch paper dessert plates. Paper cups and beverage napkins covered in colorful balloons make it easy to offer up icy drinks.

Decorate with Birthday Balloons, Banners, Table Centerpieces & More

Our Balloon Parade birthday decorations are all about color and cheer. Cover your tables in plastic banquet tablecloths, and set cascading centerpieces in the middle. Metallic balloons and dizzy danglers will deck out your party space with minimal effort. Hand out themed adult party hats for added fun, and offer take-home treats in coordinating Balloon Parade large cello bags. Rainbow-hued balloons and streamers confetti offer a playful finishing touch to the party.

Stock up on everything you need for a truly happy birthday with our wholesale Balloon Parade birthday party supplies. From invitations to banners, we have it all for an unforgettable party.

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Balloon Parade Beverage Napkins

Code: 657800
$24.95 /case (192 in case)

Balloon Parade Happy Birthday Luncheon Napkins

Code: 661800
$24.95 /case (192 in case)

Balloon Parade Luncheon Napkins

Code: 667800
$24.95 /case (192 in case)

Balloon Parade Paper Dessert Plates - 7"

Code: 417800LX
$27.95 /case (96 in case)

Balloon Parade Paper Luncheon Plates - 8.75"

Code: 427800
$31.95 /case (96 in case)

Balloon Parade Paper Cups - 9 oz.

Code: 377800
$25.95 /case (96 in case)

Balloon Parade Plastic Tablecloths - 54" x102"

Code: 315296
$27.95 /case (6 in case)

Balloon Parade Party Banners - 5 Ft.

Code: 315298
$21.95 /case (6 in case)

Balloon Parade Dizzy Danglers

Code: 315302
$17.95 /case (30 in case)

Balloon Parade Cascade Centerpieces

Code: 315300
$22.95 /case (6 in case)

Balloon Parade Adult Party Hats

Code: 315303
$15.95 /case (48 in case)

Balloon Parade Party Invitations

Code: 315301
$14.95 /case (48 in case)

Balloon Parade Cellophane Bags

Code: 315304
$20.95 /case (240 in case)

Balloons & Streamers Confetti

Code: 020235
$14.95 /case (12 in case)

Sunkissed Orange Plastic Cutlery Sets

Code: 010612
$23.95 /case (96 in case)