Beating The Heat At Your Summer Party

How to Keep Your Partygoers Safe and Comfortable

Planning a barbeque or outdoor party is a great way to keep up with all your family and friends this summer. Many areas experience beautiful weather that can make your guests want to chat outside all day. However, the summer heat can go from nice and warm to oppressive in a very short time. A pool is a great way for guests to cool off, but not everyone is lucky enough to have one. So here are some ideas to keep your partygoers happy and safe when the summer heat turns nasty.

Summer Party

  • Plenty of Liquids

When guests start sweating, their first thought is going to be grabbing something to drink. Whether or not you are serving alcohol, make sure you are stocked up on plenty of non-alcoholic drinks so that your guests can stay hydrated. Running out of cold drinks is a sure way to get your guests to start heading home. If you are serving alcohol, be aware that it makes people more susceptible to dehydration, especially in hot weather. Keep an eye on your guests, and keep your non-alcoholic drinks easily accessible.

A fun way to add some flair to your drinks is by freezing fruit in your ice cubes. Simply drop raspberries and slices of lemons, limes, and oranges into your ice cube trays after you fill them. These frozen treats are perfect for adding flavor to your favorite drink.

  • Hydrating Foods

When you think of staying hydrated, a cold drink probably comes to mind. But that’s not the only way you can keep hydrated this summer. Barbeque is king during the hotter months, but there are lots of easy ways to fix foods that also contain plenty of water. Watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe are all full of water and make a great fruit salad. Cucumbers and carrots are great for dipping, and will also help keep you and your guests hydrated.

  • Have a Cool-Down Area

Anyone can tell you, staying out in the hot sun all day can be exhausting, and exhausted guests aren’t much fun. Whether it’s a shady patio, a pool, or just an air-conditioned house, be sure you have somewhere that people can relax out of the heat. This is especially important for small children or older guests who may not be able to withstand the heat as well as other guests. Barbequing and playing washers are great, but people are going to need to cool off and rejuvenate at some point. Keep plenty of drinks in these areas, and make sure there is enough seating for everyone. Fans and misters can also help people cool off while out of the summer sun.

With the beautiful summer weather, outdoor parties can be blast for all your guests. Follow these tips and you can be sure that everyone will stay safe while having fun. If you have more ideas for keeping cool this summer, leave them in the comments below, or tell us about them on our Facebook page!

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