Beverage Napkins

It’s just not a party unless you have plenty of beverages available for guests to enjoy. Whether you’re serving wine, soda, fruit punch, or all three, make sure to stock up on our convenient beverage napkins. Purchase them in bulk at our wholesale rates that let you buy more party supplies while sticking to your budget.

Different Tissue Layers to Suit Your Needs

We sell single-, double-, and three-ply beverage napkins, thus making it easy for you to select the items that work best for your celebration. For example, if you choose the thickest variety, guests could confidently wrap small treats, such as tarts and cookies, in the napkins after refilling their drink cups. The one-ply options are ideal for simply placing under glasses or cups to absorb condensation and protect tabletops.

Decorative Cocktail Napkins to Make Your Party Even More Fun

Show you’ve thought of everything and purchase decorative cocktail napkins that match your chosen theme. From seahorses to sunglasses, our napkins include eye-catching designs that keep your guests lighthearted, as they sip from beverage glasses filled with Bloody Marys, Tequila Sunrises, or Virgin Daiquiris. Like all the other products on this website, these decorative items are available at wholesale prices that allow you to save money without having to make sacrifices.

A Full Range of Beverage Napkin Colors to Discover

Whether you want purple beverage napkins or lime green ones, our inventory includes over 20 solid-color two-ply napkins. Check out the full assortment and see how easy it is to find colorful, decorative beverage napkins. Also, explore larger matching napkins that work well when you serve full meals.

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