Compostable Tableware & Containers

Compostable Tableware & Containers Wholesale compostable tableware and food containersprovide everything you need to pull off your next event with ease. We carry a complete range of economical, compostable tableware products, including plates, lids, bowls, food containers, and cutlery. Whatever your special occasion, our environmentally friendly tableware products help create an elegant, eco-friendly table setting with little effort.

Pull Off the Perfect Party with Compostable Plates & Cutlery

Not only does planning a party take a lot of work, but the cleanup can be equally as time-consuming. With bulk compostable tableware, cleanup is easier than ever because there are no dishes or flatware to wash. Best of all, you don't have to worry about the impact on the environment because our compostable tableware items are made from natural corn-based plastics, which are leak-proof and cut-resistant for optimal performance. Whether you're planning a wedding reception, bridal shower, holiday dinner, backyard barbecue, birthday party, or game-day gathering, environmentally friendly tableware can provide your guests with everything they need to enjoy the day.

Send Your Restaurant Customers Home with Sugar Cane Nature-Based Food Containers & Lids

Not only do we offer a range of eco-friendly plates, cutlery, and recycled paper napkins, but we also stock disposable food containers and lids that are perfect for leftovers, catering events and restaurant takeout food. You can refrigerate or store these earth friendly plates for up to 36 hours and have a high heat tolerance of 212°F. They are also microwave safe, GMO free, BPI certified and FDA approved. The plates and lids are ASTM D6868 Certified which means they are 100% compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities. These food containers are perfect for taking food to go and will allow you to be well equipped to send your guests home with tasty foods secured in compostable clamshell food containers. Your customers will also appreciate the fact that you chose biodegradable tableware products.

Eco-friendly tableware products help you leave your mark without the heavy carbon footprint. Be sure to stock up on biodegradable products for your next event!

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Compostable Cutlery Kits with Napkin

Code: 760040
$104.95 /case (250 in case)

Compostable Dessert Plates - 6"

Code: 760000
$53.95 /case (1000 in case)

Compostable Luncheon Plates - 8.75"

Code: 760005
$62.95 /case (500 in case)

Compostable Dinner Plates - 10.25"

Code: 760010
$82.95 /case (500 in case)

Compostable Bowls - 12 oz.

Code: 760140
$79.95 /case (1000 in case)

Compostable Square Luncheon Plates

Code: 760030
$98.95 /case (500 in case)

Compostable Square Dessert Plates

Code: 760020
$76.95 /case (1000 in case)

Clear Square Compostable Luncheon Plate Lids - 9.75"

Code: 760031
$112.95 /case (250 in case)

Compostable Food Container - 38 oz.

Code: 760090
$134.95 /case (500 in case)

Clear Compostable Food Container Lids - 38 oz.

Code: 760132
$108.95 /case (250 in case)

Compostable Food Catering Boxes

Code: 760070
$87.95 /case (200 in case)

Clear Compostable Lids for Catering Boxes

Code: 760131
$82.95 /case (200 in case)

Clamshell Food Containers - 3 Compartments

Code: 760061
$82.95 /case (200 in case)

Compostable Clamshell Food Containers - 9"

Code: 760060
$84.95 /case (200 in case)

Compostable Clamshell Food Containers - 8"

Code: 760050
$69.95 /case (200 in case)

Compostable Clamshell Food Containers - 6"

Code: 760045
$78.95 /case (500 in case)

Black Compostable Forks

Code: 883388
$134.95 /case (1000 in case)

Black Compostable Knives

Code: 883387
$137.95 /case (1000 in case)

Black Compostable Spoons

Code: 883389
$137.95 /case (1000 in case)

Rolled Compostable Dinner Napkins & Cutlery

Code: 120025
$54.95 /case (50 in case)

Rolled Compostable Dinner Napkins - Forks, Knives Only

Code: 120026
$54.95 /case (50 in case)