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Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Boys

Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, it is bound to happen sooner rather than later. Your son will no longer want you to take him to go buy some ice cream – he’d rather be going with his friends. He will no longer want you to kiss him on the cheek when you drop him off at school, lest his friends are watching. But do not worry – you can savor up a few more memories by throwing him an awesome…

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3 Birthday Party Ideas for Little Girls

3 Little Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are a special time of year for children and parents alike. For parents, it serves as a reminder of how much your little girl has grown since the day she was born. For kids, it is a time to celebrate with friends, receive presents and have a great time celebrating their special day. With new movies being released, and new TV shows and toys hitting the market, there is never a shortage of party inspiration for children. Trendy topics are always a popular theme,…

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3 Birthday Party Ideas for Little Boys

Boy's Birthday Party Ideas

Party planning for young boys is always a fun adventure. Each year of their young lives seems to fly by so quickly, so take the time to make their birthday special each and every year. With their interests developing rapidly, every year brings a new opportunity for a themed party. No matter what your son is enamored with at the moment, there are decorations out there to make his theme come to life. Below are three of the most popular birthday party ideas for little…

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How to Throw the Perfect Pirate Party

Pirate Birthday Party Theme

Did you know that September 19th marks International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yes, believe it or not, such a day does in fact exist. Not only will you find adults celebrating on September 19th but you can be sure there will be lots of kids’ birthday parties featuring a pirate theme, as well.

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Everything You Need to Know to Plan the Perfect Party

perfect party

  Planning a party can be stressful. Those last couple of moments until guests arrive, spent wondering if you have everything, and hoping that at least one person will show up… Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect party checklist so you could rest assured that everything was going to get done? Look no further. Here is the ultimate checklist for planning the perfect party.

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5 Essentials for Your Next Party

Party Planning Ideas

What You Need to Have to Make Your Party a Success Throwing a great party usually takes a little work. While plenty of great parties are thrown together at the last minute, that really isn’t an option in many cases. Maybe it’s a birthday, a festive graduation party, or even just a get together with friends. Whatever the case, no one wants to throw a party that has people suddenly remembering dentist appointments. You need the right group of people, atmosphere, and a game plan…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Party Supplies In Bulk

Buy Party Supplies in Bulk

If you’re planning a party, consider buying in bulk for these reasons! The summer season is definitely party season. Between bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, graduations and more , there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate during the warm summer months! This is why My Paper Shop has made it easier than ever to shop for all of your summer parties right online! However, if you are thinking of ordering party supplies online through My Paper Shop, you may be wondering what the advantages…

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Sunshine Theme 1st Birthday Party

I started planning my son’s 1st birthday party from the day he was born! I enjoy every single detail that goes into planning a party, and working at My Paper Shop is an added bonus. I have helped plan countless events for friends and family, so Jordan’s first birthday was going to be a big celebration. I incorporated a lot of yellow, blue, and white color tones to create a warm and festive party setting.  

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How To Host A Princess Birthday Party

Every father or set of parents thinks their daughter is a perfect princess and there is no limit to what they would do to put a smile on her face. I attended an adorable princess theme baby shower a few months ago. The theme, however, is versatile and can double up as a birthday party if you so desire. Many people can find it intimidating or overly expensive to plan parties in general, and although it can get stressful, there are so many little tricks…

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5 Last Minute Party Items You’ll Need for a Party

Earlier this month, my siblings and I put together a very intimate surprise birthday party for our mother. We all have such crazy schedules that we literally didn’t get around to planning anything until the week before. Seriously, I don’t recommend procrastinating that long when it comes to planning any event. I will say that even major party planners have that moment five minutes before “go-time” when they realize they may have overlooked a few minor, yet very important necessities.

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