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4 Over-the-Top Ideas for a Teen-Approved High School Graduation Party


We’ve all seen those huge Sweet 16 birthday parties on TV, along with other incredible coming of age celebrations enjoyed by various cultures and religions. Teens love to do it up big, show off for their friends, and have a great time. So when they reach another major milestone in their lives – high school graduation – it’s only natural that they’d want to make it into an event to remember. And what better way to do that than to put on the party of…

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5 Common Questions About Graduation Parties From Party Hosts


Can you throw a joint party? How long should your party last? We offer the answers to 5 common questions about graduation parties from party hosts. If you are hosting your very first graduation party this upcoming summer, whether it’s for a family member or close friend that has graduated high school, college or even vocational school, you may have some questions about what is “the norm” at these types of events. For instance, how long should your graduation party last for? How should you…

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