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5 Winning Tips for a Fantastic Football Party

Football Party

If you’re a football fan or reside with one, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be hosting at least one football party this season. To ensure your next game day get together is a super success be sure to keep these five fantastic football tricks and tips in mind.

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Foolproof Football Party Recipes

Football Party Food

One of the surest signs that autumn is here is the start of football season. And what good is a football party without food? Here are a few recipes to ensure that your house is the go to place for every viewing party this season.

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5 Tailgating Tips For Football Season

Tailgating Party Ideas

Summer is beginning to wind down, and as the school year approaches, so does one of our country’s favorite national past times. College football. Just saying the words conjures up images of packed stadiums, bright lights, and the oh-so-important tailgate. Tailgating is a tradition among even the smallest schools with a football program, and in some cases it’s practically a way of life. The food, colors, and atmosphere all combine to create a pregame that students, alumni, and fans flock to every year. Tailgating can…

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How To Host A Super Bowl Party

Are you guys watching the playoffs right now? Everyone is on the edge of their seats holding half-eaten chicken wings and a beer mid-air. I have never been a huge fan of football, but I love viewing parties! The excitement of a social gathering focused on one element of entertainment combined with food and drinks is in the air and I can’t wait. Not only that, but one of my best friend’s birthday is that weekend too, so I have more to celebrate!

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Basketball Playoffs

The NBA playoff series this year is intense. Game 4 is in overtime this very second and the game is tied again. I’m sure some people have bitten half their fingers off by now. I can already picture my coworker on the edge of the couch waving off anyone who tries to talk to her. Just earlier today, we were talking about how once basketball and/or football season(s) come around, we’re officially single for a few months. You know what that means, ladies! It basically…

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