Cool Theme Ideas For Baby Showers

Are you looking for something different from the normal routine at a baby shower?  Why not try a few of these ideas out to shake things up.  These are also perfect for baby showers for moms that have other children or have had several showers already!

1.  Diaper Shower – This shower is all about diapers!  Create a centerpiece out of disposable diapers, decorated with rattles and baby socks, teethers and other baby toys.  Each guest brings a package of diapers and/or wipes for their gift.  Find out from the new mom ahead of time if she plans on using disposable or cloth diapers.  Games that can be played are a baby doll diapering relay race and a “volume” game – try to guess just how much that diaper can really hold before it begins to leak!

2.  Pamper the Mom shower – this was quite possibly my favorite shower.  Towards the end of my second pregnancy, a small group of my closest friends created a shower over a play date for our children.  While the children played, we had a nail technician come to the hostess’ home to give us pedicures and manicures, and the gifts I was given were gift certificates for massages, pretty soaps and lotions, quiet music CDs, and warm pajamas!

3.  A Shower To Last All Year – assign guests a season or month of the year.  Their gift must reflect that season or month.  For instance, someone with July might find a towel set, perfect for the pool.  Or, another person with October may give Halloween goodies or a cute Halloween outfit.  A guest who is assigned “Winter” might give warm clothes and socks, blankets or hats.

4.  Around The Clock Shower – we all know babies are up at all hours of the day!  Assign each person an hour of the day and ask them to create their gift around that time frame.  For instance, someone with 7 p.m. might give a bathtub or other getting-ready-for-bed items.  A guest who has the middle-of-the-night time of 3 a.m. might choose a book for the mom to read while up with the baby or some nice comfy sheets, pajamas or a blanket.

5.  Closet Shower – this is perfect for subsequent children!  While “seasoned moms” might have the essentials, such as cribs, sheets, and high chairs, they may be more interested in receiving new clothes for the newborn.  Ask guests to bring items to “stock the closet”, such as clothes, hangers, shoes, and storage items.

6.  Meals for Mom – this can be a shower on its own or can be a supplementary idea for a shower.  Ask each guest to bring a frozen meal or casserole for the mom-to-be.  Have large coolers handy, and pack the meals for the mom to take home and freeze.  The mom will have plenty of meals on hand for those first weeks after the baby arrives.  Be sure to warn her ahead of time so she can make room in her freezer!

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