Paper & Plastic Tablecloths

When planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, sporting event, fundraiser, banquet, or other occasion, it's important to decorate with fun, functional items that not only make the venue look amazing but also provide a means of easy cleanup after. Wholesale disposable tablecloths make this possible — and at prices you can afford.

Add Color to Your Tabletops with Bulk Plastic & Paper Tablecloths

A great party deserves the right foundation. Covering your banquet and food tables in solid-color tablecloths adds a nice touch no matter the event. Choose from nearly 30 colors, including classic red, black, school bus yellow, emerald green, silver, classic pink, red gingham, and even clear to showcase your spread like never before.

Our bulk disposable tablecloths fit a variety of table sizes, such as square 54-inch tables, 82-inch round tables, and 8-foot-long banquet tables. Opt for plastic, paper, or linen-like construction depending on the look you want to capture.

Create a Seamless Look with Fitted Plastic Tablecloths

Traditional tablecloths suit any occasion, but if you're aiming for a different look, stock up on fitted tablecloths. Designed with elastic, these tablecloths hug your tables and transform the tabletop into the color of your choice without excess cloth cascading down. Plus, because they're designed with elastic, they don't require tacks, staples, or tape. Simply fit them over the tabletop, and remove them when finished.

No matter your special event or your table size, My Paper Shop offers the solutions you need. Shop our extensive line of wholesale disposable paper, plastic, and linen-like tablecloths before your next celebration.

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