Clear Plastic Party Tableware

Clear plastic tableware is essential for pulling off the perfect party with relative ease. Regardless of your theme, clear party supplies complement any color scheme or theme without much thought. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, an anniversary dinner, a retirement party, or a family get-together, our wholesale tableware items provide the solutions you need to make it a great one.

Stock Up on Disposable Clear Plastic Tableware

Our disposable party supplies are great for using at a variety of special events. When you choose clear tableware items, they'll work for any party, so make sure you have plenty on hand for events throughout the year. Choose from our selection of wholesale clear plastic cutlery and purchase forks, knives or spoons by utensil type or in assorted packages. Plastic plates are available in 9-inch luncheon, 10.25-inch dinner, or small 7-inch dessert sizes. Plastic cups are a fantastic choice for your favorite cold party beverages in 12-ounce or 16-ounce sizes. Don’t forget to 82-inch round or rectangular shape plastic tablecloths to cover your party tables with ease. Buying in bulk means you'll always have the supplies you need without going over budget.

Clear Plastic Tableware Items is Perfect Choice

We offer all of our solid color disposable tableware items in 28 solid colors, allowing you to mix and match colors according to your desired party theme. We even feature a range of holiday-themed supplies, so whether you're planning an event for Valentine's Day, New Years, Halloween, Christmas, 4-th of July, or Mardi Gras, you can pair any of these themes with our clear plastic party supplies.

Clear plastic tableware collection is among our most versatile choices because they can blend in with any color scheme. Whether you are buying for personal use or buying for a school, church, or organization, our disposable tableware provides an endless array of uses.

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Clear Plastic Cutlery Sets

Code: 010421
$22.95 /case (96 in case)

Clear Plastic Forks

Code: CFK7177
$23.95 /case (288-600 in case)

Clear Plastic Knives

Code: CKV7519
$23.95 /case (288-600 in case)

Clear Plastic Spoons

Code: CSP6152
$23.95 /case (288-600 in case)

Clear Plastic Dessert Plates - 7"

Code: CPL7177
$34.95 /case (240-600 in case)

Clear Plastic Luncheon Plates - 9"

Code: CPL9286
$49.95 /case (240-600 in case)

Clear Plastic Dinner Plates - 10.25"

Code: CPL1026
$68.95 /case (240-600 in case)

Clear Plastic Divided Dinner Plates

Code: 019418
$56.95 /case (200 in case)

Clear Plastic Bowls

Code: CBP1273
$34.95 /case (240-600 in case)

Clear Frost Plastic Cups - 12 & 16 oz.

Code: CPC1216
$34.95 /case (240-600 in case)

Clear Round Plastic Tablecloths - 82 Inch

Code: 700418
$34.95 /case (12 in case)

Clear Plastic Tablecloths - 54 x 108 Inch

Code: CPT5418
$23.95 /case (12-24 in case)

Clear Plastic Table Cover Rolls

Code: 013005
$13.95 /case (1 in case)