Lavender Party Tableware

Wholesale lavender party supplies provide the perfect touch for your upcoming birthday party, anniversary celebration, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding reception, or other special event. We offer a complete range of disposable tableware in lavender, ensuring you have everything you need to pull off an amazing event while staying under budget.

Throw a Memorable Celebration with Bulk Party Supplies

Coordinating your solid color party supplies is a must if you want to leave a lasting impression on guests. Lavender is a beautiful, soft color that goes so well with many special occasions, and it's a popular option for weddings in which the bridesmaids' dresses and floral arrangements are many times this delicate shade. Regardless of the party's theme, our lavender party supplies provide everything you and your guests need to enjoy the event.

Stock Up on the Essential Bulk Tableware

Our collection of lavender party supply items includes paper and plastic plates, bowls, beverage cups, two- or three-ply tissue napkins, guest hand towels, plastic cutlery, and disposable tablecloths. Our tablecloths are available in paper and plastic styles in 82-inch round and standard banquet table sizes. We even offer luncheon, dinner, and dessert plates in both square and round shapes, giving you more flexibility to create unique table settings. Despite being cost-effective, our disposable tableware items are high-quality, while still providing you with a convenient means of cleaning up after the event.

When your event requires lavender party supplies, shop our extensive, affordable line of disposable items. Your guests will appreciate the thought that went into planning the event, and you'll be glad you pulled it off on a budget.

Lavender 2Ply Beverage Napkins

Code: 139186154
$19.95 /case (600 in case)

Lavender 3Ply Beverage Napkins

Code: 57193B
$22.95 /case (500 in case)

Lavender 2Ply Luncheon Napkins

Code: 139186135
$23.95 /case (600 in case)

Lavender 3Ply Luncheon Napkins

Code: 58193B
$23.95 /case (500 in case)

Lavender 3Ply Dinner Napkins

Code: 59193B
$22.95 /case (250 in case)

Lavender 2Ply Dinner Napkins

Code: 67193B
$34.95 /case (600 in case)

Lavender Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95193
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Lavender Paper Dessert Plates - 7"

Code: 79193B
$18.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Square Paper Dessert Plates - 7"

Code: 453265
$19.95 /case (180 in case)

Lavender Paper Luncheon Plates - 8.75"

Code: 47193B
$24.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Square Paper Luncheon Plates - 9"

Code: 463265
$29.95 /case (180 in case)

Lavender Paper Dinner Plates - 10.25"

Code: 50193B
$39.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Plastic Dessert Plates - 7"

Code: 28193011
$34.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Plastic Luncheon Plates - 9"

Code: 28193021
$49.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Plastic Dinner Plates - 10.25"

Code: 28193031
$68.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Plastic Bowls - 12 oz.

Code: 28193051
$34.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Paper Cups - 9 oz.

Code: 56193B
$24.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Plastic Cups - 12 & 16 oz.

Code: LPC1216
$34.95 /case (240 in case)

Lavender Plastic Cutlery Sets

Code: 010430
$22.95 /case (96 in case)

Lavender Plastic Forks

Code: 010470
$23.95 /case (288 in case)

Lavender Plastic Knives

Code: 010578
$23.95 /case (288 in case)

Lavender Plastic Spoons

Code: 010558
$23.95 /case (288 in case)

Lavender Round Plastic Tablecloths - 82 Inch

Code: 703265
$34.95 /case (12 in case)

Lavender Plastic Tablecloths - 54 x 108 Inch

Code: 01250
$23.95 /case (12 in case)