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Labor Day

Time seems to go by a lot quicker during vacation season. In just one month, we’ll scheduling our last summer hurrah, students will go back to class, the sun (in most places) will go back to it’s normal temperature and tanning salons will be booming with business again. Labor Day is traditionally viewed as the last holiday to celebrate the end of summer, the last chance for summer trips and for the hip teens, the last party weekend before school.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, isn’t it? Knowing the end of summer vacation is coming only makes it more stressful for those of us who stress about the date nearing instead of enjoying the last few weeks. For some of us, it’s the time to squeeze in quality time with our significant other before football season officially begins.

So, take that last nap by the pool and enjoy the grilled hamburgers made by undistracted football maniacs, ladies! Football themed party supplies are a great way to greet the upcoming season. :)

Soccer Snack Days

It is summer time and children usually have way too much free time this time of year. Statistics indicating rising levels of obesity among children (adults, too!) have been breathing down our backs in the last decade. This summer, if you have not already done so, encourage your little ones to participate in some sort of active activity.

We try to keep our little ones in the sport of their choice every season. This summer, the pookenator is playing soccer. He may complain every now and then because he’s little and he doesn’t like to stop playing outside to go to practice or he wants to ditch a game for cartoons, but once he’s there he really enjoys himself.

In an effort to spread out team expenses, the team mom assigns snack responsibilities to each family, each week. Snack time is great team-bonding time after every practice/game and participating in team sports is ideal for the development of children’s social skills.

Suggest using themed sports (Soccer Party Supplies) tableware for special team events such as awards banquets, fundraisers and games.

Weekend Getaways

Summer, regardless of whether you’re a student or a full-time employee, is always associated with vacations, trips or time off from the mundane-ness of everyday life. Since the term budget seems to be thrown around more and more often these days, an international trip or extravagant travel arrangements are obviously out of the question.

Although it’s understandable that some of us would definitely like to be complaining about not having a vacation than not having a job. It’s still important to take a “breather” every now and again. This weekend, my girlfriends and I have organized a low-budget trip to a friend’s beach house in San Diego. The cost of housing arrangements is definitely more do-able when it is split 5-6 ways, and let’s faces it: the more, really is the merrier.

All I’m saying is that everyone needs a couple days off to let brain center relax and enjoy some sun or time to relieve some stress. To avoid requesting time off work, try planning a weekend to a near-by beach, or even a camping trip to a lake or a national park.

If that hasn’t convinced you already, think about the ice-cold Margaritas (Disposable Plastic Margarita Glasses) and all of the work you won’t be worrying about. Throw in some disposable tableware (Summer Party Supplies) and I guarantee you won’t be worrying about dishes either. :-D

Playing Catch-up in Hollywood

In the last few years, a couple of movies have created an immense mania among young crowds. I’m sure J.K. Rowling didn’t anticipate how beloved her Harry Potter character would become when she wrote the first book in the series. I’m also sure that Stephanie Myer didn’t mean for Edward Cullen of Twilight to become every teen girl’s dream. What must have surprised them even more was the extensive fan base the films acquired. I kid you not; these die hard fans consisted of not only of young adults, but grown adults as well.

I took the younger children to the most recent Harry Potter movie premiere and movie theaters and malls were a zoo. Fans of all ages were lined up for a midnight premiere since the wee hours of the days—costumes and all (& when I say costumes, I mean full make-up, wigs, etc.). Needless to say, I recommend the Harry Potter series for your children’s summer reading (keeps their brains running in spite of the heat). If they read the literature first, it’s always a treat to make a theater day.

If reading has been done, I suggest a “Film Festival” date night among your friends and/or family in order to catch-up on the first few films in the series. There’s no need to go all out, a simple night in with some DVDs and some pizza perhaps? A touch of Hollywood Party Supplies can only add a splash of fun if you wanted to go all out. :-D

Bridal Showers, Last Single Dinners

I’ve experienced first-hand the pressures of being a bridesmaid. Yeah, yeah, it may sound like it’s all make-up and flowers, but ten deep breaths later, you come to find that it can turn into one big passive-aggressive gala.

All stressful memories and pressures seem to fade when you see your good friend glowing with happiness. It may sound completely cheesy, but being a friend’s bridesmaid is a trivial task that shows your genuine friendship and happiness for the journey she is about to undertake. The job may sound simple—get in the dress, look less pretty than the bride, walk in a straight line, join her for the last wild night, etc.—but, it’s important to make your girlfriend’s last months as a single woman, as memorable as possible.

I remember my close friend’s bridal shower and I’m sure made some great memories. The shower doesn’t need to be crowded with people—it’s the close, loved individuals that matter. So, if the other bridesmaids aren’t stepping up to the plate, grab a notebook and take initiative. Bridal Showers are the chance to have a nice dinner, play some games and really just sit back through the trip to memory lane. :-D

Closet Swap Luncheons

They say the economy will get worse before it gets better. I’m sure the news (not to mention reality) has definitely rearranged a lot of your priorities. Things that seemed imperative before, all of a sudden seem so silly. Being on a tight budget can also inspire loads of creativity in the fashion department. After all, women are wild about keeping their look “fresh” and getting photographed in the same outfit too much can defeat the whole purpose of a picture. Right, ladies?

A popular party theme that has slowly begun to emerge is one in which your guests bring accessories and clothing items (in good in condition) that they no longer use. The host can decorate with areas in which guests can hang their clothing or display their accessories and everyone can shop around at each station. I suggest throwing a potluck in there (a girl needs to eat to remain in “shopping mode” for long periods of time) and making your paper goods the majority of the decorations.

P.S. Polka Dot and Stripe themed napkins and plates are cute and simple!

Lemon Placecard Holders

Summer weddings, for the most part, tend to feature a wide assortment of vibrant hues and colors. This year, yellow seems to be one of the most popular shades in the wedding department as well as the clothing department. Celebrity gossip magazines are my occasional guilty pleasure and it seems they’ve captured quite a few female stars donning beautiful yellow dresses—casual and dressy.

A couple years ago, I attended a wedding and the placecard holders were actual lemons—fresh, citrus-y, yellow lemons! The decorator or the wedding coordinator made a slit across the top and popped the placecard right in. It was simple and it coordinated rather nicely with the color scheme of the wedding.

See, bridezillas! There is no need to be frantic. There are quick fixes as close as your backyard. ;-)

Birthday Dinner Nightmares

Dinner parties are usually meant to be fun and to provoke some sort of enjoyable bonding among the present guests. Usually. A few months ago, I attended a birthday dinner party at a restaurant and I came to the conclusion that guests tend to forget that restaurants charge tax and servers expect tips, regardless of the occasion. I always dread the part where the server places the check at the end of the table and almost no one reaches for their purse/wallet.

Even worse than the arrival of the check, is the fact that the brave person that actually reaches for the check usually decides to split the check evenly among the guests. Why does that person assume that everyone ordered within the same price range? A birthday dinner at your group’s favorite hangout or a birthday dinner at a splurge-worthy location is okay when it’s an occasional event, but sometimes you get an inbox full of birthday dinner invites and it adds up.

My birthday is coming up and I’ve learned to steer clear of the awkward bill-splitter moments. I figure, either only invite the closest group of friends or host a simple get together at home. If the birthday party invitations go out early enough, you have plenty of time to get a head count and you have plenty of time to throw some pennies in the piggy bank to cover the main dish. Have your friends bring the sides and some drinks to keep the cost reasonable. The point isn’t to break everyone’s bank account, but to celebrate another year of life. :-D

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