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Easter Egg Hunts!

Easter is the first weekend in April this year. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Easter was only a couple months ago. Time flies.

With Lent in full mode, all of that time spent away from those dark vices should be spent gearing up for this big holiday. Might I suggest using your spare time and energy to plan a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids? That weekend is the perfect family weekend and what better way to celebrate then at the park with food, games, family and friends?

Ask family members to pitch in with different materials like stencils, food coloring, hard boiled eggs and any arts and crafts tools that would enhance the experience. Others could be in charge of hiding the eggs while others help the children make baskets in which to collect their eggs. Make sure and set up festive Easter table covers or pastel colored plastic table covers to make the clean up easier. Easter decorations can range from anything like a giant basket to clever centerpieces and bunny accents.Enjoy the treats, the fun and the bunny talk!

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Circus! Circus!



I can still remember my first time at the Circus. Sure, it was a while back, but the one thing about the Circus is that the concept stays pretty much the same no matter how old you get. The smell of the animal cages, popcorn and the giant puffs of cotton candy everywhere are unforgettable.

The memories of being entranced by 10 clowns making their out of one tiny car or the trapeze artist walking across the tight rope are vivid. So, taking into consideration how much the Circus is, how great would it be to throw a Circus themed birthday party for the children? The possibilities are endless!

The Big Top, or the Circus tent can be a DIY project or a pre-assembled design may make life easier. Snacks are easy. Hot dogs in trays, popcorn and cotton candy are classics and the wonderful part? They’re simple and easy to clean up.

Craft stations, games and contests are definitely a must. Children can gather at one place to make and decorate clown hats, play ring toss games or have face painting contests. Don’t forget the prizes! Clowns are optional guests, but I’m just going to throw that one out there.

Shamrock Treats!

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. Although I hate being pinched and no, I am not Irish, this day is so much fun.If you find your inner self screaming, “Where is me-snack?!” then I strongly suggest engaging in the art of “Shamrock Yummies”:

English Muffin
Cheddar Cheese
Green Pepper

  1. Slice the green pepper crosswise near the top to get a shamrock-shaped slice (they usually turn out with 3 points)
  2. Cut a small slice off the end to create a stem
  3. Broil cheddar cheese on the english muffin and top it off with the shamrock!
  4. Enjoy your gold-en treats after setting them on foil shamrock shaped doilies!

National Anthem Celebration

Was it just me or was Carrie Underwood’s performance at the Super Bowl last weekend, amazing? Her interpretation of “The Star Spangled Banner” sent chills up my spine.

The national anthem is  our country’s theme song, per se. My sister, who tends to be overly jolly and cheerful, used to run around singing it randomly. It’s one of those songs that makes you just start singing along, full of inspiration and gusto.

March 3 is National Anthem Day. So clear your throat, grab a mic and belt one out for the good old U.S. of A! Oh, and don’t forget to surround your celebration with Patriotic tableware! :-)

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

March 2nd is the birth date of the one and only, Dr. Seuss. This man made huge contributions to children’s literature and his work will most definitely live on for generations to come.

At the elementary schools, the school teachers typically organize schoolwide reading events. At the most recent one, the teachers made invitations and sent them home with the students. The event was to consist of a makeshift slumber party where the students come with one of their parents, dress in their pajamas, bring blankets and a favorite Dr. Seuss story book. Families can be asked to donate snacks and drinks in order to create a large feast spread.

Contact your child’s school PTA to help organize an event in Dr. Seuss’ honor. Use our solid colored tableware to create a colorful table display for your young guests. Small coloring book favors are perfect activities and take home souvenirs of the event. Children’s literature is a vital part of a child’s development. Don’t downplay the efforts of such a great artist.

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