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Margarita Monday! Hello, Summer.

The weekend definitely goes by way too quickly. It almost seems like you have to do absolutely nothing for it to appear like it’s taking place in slow motion. God forbid you have big plans for your free time because then you really feel like you didn’t get a chance to rest.

I strongly believe this is why Margarita Monday was invented. Yes, it is a real celebration and I’m sure it only takes place on Mondays throughout the summer. The purpose of this day is to semi-extend the weekend and alleviate any stress brought upon by strong cases of “the Mondays.” My friends and I joined the celebration at a local restaurant this evening and we had a great time catching up and cracking jokes. It almost felt like Friday all over again.

We adults, for the most part, don’t get 3 full months of vacation and lounge poolside and indulge in whole weekdays dedicated to bonding with our beds. We can, however, create our own summer rituals where we can create memories, share laughs and enjoy a quick getaway…even if it’s a one-night-only deal. :-D

Luau, They Grow Up So Fast!

Last week was hectic, to say the least. It was jam packed with end of the year activities, and high school graduations. The feeling is definitely bittersweet. I mean, on the one hand, you’re happy your little ones have grown up and are learning to be independent adults, but on the other hand, you feel like it was only yesterday that you were dropping them off for kindergarten.

Today, the ones getting ready to start junior high have mutated into hormone infested creatures. One minute they’re excited to share the eventful details of their day and the next minute, they’re barking at you to “give them their space.” This behavior generally causes confusion, especially if the only reason you approached them in the first place was to let them know dinner was on the table. Dealing with these teenage creatures can get exhausting, mostly because the majority of us don’t have a psychology background that we can reference. Now that school is out and they’re going to be around more than usual, it’s important to keep calm and pretend we’re not scared for our safety.

In an effort to make their growth development go more smoothly, I suggest planning an end of the year luau/bonfire party. Start by asking them to create a list of their closest friends. The sooner the party is executed, the better, as many students have plans to go to college out of state and this is the perfect excuse to say farewell. Create an e-mail with a list of things needed and ask everyone to sign up for different items. Keep the food list simple with things like sandwiches, salads and summer fruit drinks.

If location allows, have a small party reserve the beach or park area early to ensure a good time. Set up games everyone can participate in (that way they grow tired and have no time to morph through various moods/personalities).

Happy Beginning of Summer, everyone! :-)

World Cup Brunch Party


It’s official. The FIFA World Cup 2010 officially began on Friday and soccer fever will not be over until the last goal has been scored. This tournament is the most widely viewed sporting event…no matter what time zone you’re in.

Host a brunch party for friends and family for whichever (if there’s one in particular) match you are most passionate about. Choose breakfast/lunch foods that are authentic dishes from the country you are rooting for and make it an affair to remember. Spice up your guests’ viewing and dining experience with Soccer themed party tableware.

Camping at Home

Next month is the celebration of our country’s independence again. I can already hear the sound of Disneyland’s spectacular fireworks show for the grand occasion.

While many are typically accustomed to going out of town for the weekend, these days many are more inclined to celebrate at home in the backyard. It’s more relaxing and economical to invite a few friends over for some afternoon gossip and barbecue. Set up some tables with disposable plastic table covers so the kids have a chance to unleash their creative side with some fun patriotic projects. I can guarantee some pretty snazzy flags by the end of the day.

Use 4th of July themed plates and napkins to add color and a festive touch to almost any outdoor event. If you and yours can’t go for that annual camping trip this year, let camping come to you. Pitch the tent and have an outdoor slumber party in the backyard. The kids will love it. :-)

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