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Wine Tasting Gala

My church hosted a wine tasting charity event a few nights ago. The decor was flawless — big, white tent, gorgeous serving trays sporting yummy cheese, crackers and appetizers, and an amazing layout of clear plastic wine glasses to lure the guests over.

The premium clear plastic barware was a hit. The plastic glasses are made here in the USA and they’re so great, they look like they are made out of real glass. The planning committee did not have to worry about safety in regards to broken glass and the fact that they are so durable, makes future events more cost-effective. Plastic Wine Holder Plates with built-in stemware holders were made available around the appetizer table. These convenient trays were perfect for our guests because it allowed them to balance their wine glasses while they made their way around the party.

All wine was donated by various church members and a few local wineries. The charity event was a major success and all guests expressed an interest in reliving the experience. Leave it to those devout members of the congregation to appreciate a nice glass of wine. ;-)

New Neighbor Party!

My family lives across the street from a tranquil, dog-walking neighborhood park, so we don’t have any sort of neighbors living across the street. Naturally, any time anything happens in our “one-sided” neighborhood, its gets completely blown out of proportion. Last year, our next door neighbor passed away (she was older) and her children put her home up for sale. A few weeks ago, a young family moved in and everyone of course was breaking their necks to catch a glance of the “newbies.”

We thought it might be appropriate to offer them basic disposables, such as paper plates, paper cups, plastic utensils and paper coasters, just while they finished settling in. Especially because those first few days are the worst; you’re having dinner in the restroom and your kitchen doesn’t look like a kitchen. It’s terrible. I remember moving into our home about a decade ago and I cringe at the thought of moving again. The moving process can be good and bad-good because it is the ultimate cleaning process and the perfect time to get ride of junk, bad because there can be tons of that junk lying around and sorting it can get tedious.

Our neighborhood is very quiet and you don’t see too many people out. This may be the reason we don’t seem to have any sort of neighborhood watch committee, well not one that I am aware of at least. Taking this into consideration, I don’t want to say I planned a neighborhood warming party for the new neighbors, but I planned a neighborhood warming party. Well, I suggested we plan a potluck cookout so the new neighbors could have a chance to meet and greet with everyone. Being the ‘new kid’ is never fun. Everyone seems to be so in sync around you while you try to tap the friendliest face in the huddle.

The point is, if there’s a new family moving into the neighborhood, open the huddle just a crack so they can feel welcome. :-)

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