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Last Summer Days

The last couple weeks of summer vacation are upon us. On the one hand, most kids are excited and dreading it at the same time. Sure, a break is nice, but they always miss school days towards the end of their vacation. They need that daily interaction with peers their own age and we, of course, need that 8 hour break from them as well.

It is during these last weeks that we scramble to go shopping for new school uniforms and supplies, and to do a final deep cleaning of the house and the children’s’ bedrooms. It’s stressful and a good night’s rest is imperative in order to keep our sanity. The other day we decided to try creating a feast with a disposable theme in order to avoid the after dinner chore aggravation and hassle. So, all foods must be served on or in disposable paper products. The menu selections must obviously be friendly to the theme so we chose a few of the following examples that we thought might brighten up a busy mother’s schedule:

  1. Fish & Chips, mate! - use paper lunch bags (fold them and snip off ends)
  2. Noodles, Rice - takeout boxes and disposable chop sticks (ask for some at a Chinese restaurant or order online)
  3. Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cake - use parchment paper, wax sandwich bags or foil

The possibilities are endless. The main idea is to dine and dispose. Doesn’t it sound magical? :-)

Cooking Out

This summer has been abnormally cool. It’s the middle of August and we feel like we were cheated out of a season this year. Today was one of the few warm days we’ve gotten in the past few months and we had a spontaneous cookout to show Mother Earth how much we appreciate it.

While the kids were splashing around in the pool, the rest of us covered the table with a disposable red gingham table cover, and laid out the side dishes and tableware. We invited my siblings over and surprisingly, everyone was able to make it so it was an unexpected pleasant gathering. We were all able to catch up, eat and catch some sun rays.

Isn’t it funny how things don’t turn out as well when you absolutely try to plan every detail? We’ve been trying to plan a family camping trip for ages and of course everyone’s schedules conflict so it’s difficult. I always perceive summer as the time of the year when everyone can make more time to lounge around and bond. Somehow this year seems different. So, thank goodness for warm days and grills that bring families and loved ones together.

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