4 Creative Ways To Display Photos At Your Graduation Party

Show off your favorite photos in these unique, creative ways!

A graduation party is not only a great time to celebrate your future and your acceptance to college or a new job, but it is also a great opportunity to look back at your past and celebrate all that you have accomplished. Whether you were prom king or queen at your high school dance, you won competitions in high school sports or academics, or you simply had the best time of your life over your past 12 years of education, you want to celebrate these important life moments!

It is this reason why many graduates like to show off their childhood photos and any important moments that have occurred while they were in school at their graduation celebration. It shows all of your friends and relatives how far you have come, and gives you a chance to reminisce about the good ol’ days!

However, you don’t have to hide all of your favorite photographs in a photo album, or stick to the classic poster board display style. Your photo display should be just as eye catching and unique as the rest of your party decor! To give you some ideas, here are four creative ways to show off your favorite photos at your graduation party:

Photo Number

Image source: Pear Tree Greetings

1. Your Graduation Year

One very fitting way to display your photos at your graduation party is to use them to write out your graduation year. For instance, create a photo collage in the shape of the number “2014.” Or, if you do not have enough photos to write out the entire year, simply do the number “14.” This will showcase your favorite school moments and remind people of why you are celebrating!

Photo Dress

Photo source: Silver Box Creative

2. A Graduation Dress

Is the little girl in your life graduating from high school? Show off her favorite photos in a stylish, girly way by creating a custom graduation dress made totally of photos! All you need is a mannequin form, an old dress, clothes pins or safety pins, and your favorite photos. Next, you simply need to pin the photos to the dress by their corner, so that you get a fun, flared effect. It will be a truly custom gown built totally from memories!

photo centerpiece


Image source: The Inspired Housewife

3. Custom Photo Centerpieces

One classic way to display your favorite childhood photos at a graduation party is to use them as centerpiece decorations! Simply line a glass vase with a few of your favorite photos, and then cut the top off of a water bottle to put inside of the vase so your photos do not get wet. If you really want to add a fun touch of customization, you could even have the photos that you use correlate with the number of the table. For instance, pictures of your graduate at age 1 for your Table 1 centerpieces, pictures at age 2 for Table 2, and so on.

photo string

Photo source: Pear Tree Greetings

4. A String Banner

While many people string fun, colorful banners throughout their party as a way to add color and quirkiness to their party decor, you could also create a custom photo banner that runs throughout your party! Simply purchase some colored string or yarn, along with some small clothes pins, and drape your graduate’s photos anywhere that you have an empty wall! You could also string up important documents or awards that may be significant to the graduate, such as their college acceptance letter or an academic honors award!

If you have a creative, custom photo display at your graduation party, be sure to share photos with us on our My Paper Shop Facebook page. Also be sure to contact My Paper Shop today for all of your graduation bulk party supply needs.

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