5 Common Questions About Graduation Parties From Party Hosts

Can you throw a joint party? How long should your party last? The answers to your most common graduation party questions.

If you are hosting your very first graduation party this upcoming summer, whether it’s for a family member or close friend that has graduated high school, college or even vocational school, you may have some questions about what is “the norm” at these types of events. For instance, how long should your graduation party last for? How should you go about throwing a party for two people at once? Should your party’s theme colors reflect the graduate’s former school colors or future school colors?

Today we are answering all of these questions and more for those who are throwing a 2014 graduation party!


1. What type of food should I have at a graduation party?

The type of food you serve at a graduation party should depend on the type of party that you are having! For instance, if you are having a casual party or a backyard event, your food can be casual as well. (Think hot dogs, burgers and backyard BBQ food.) However, if you are having a more formal event or are having a sit down event at a banquet center, you can have more upscale dishes or even a full meal. It’s totally up to you!

2. Can you throw a graduation party for more than one person?

Absolutely! It has become very customary in the last decade for people to share graduation parties between siblings, family members and even friends that they graduated with. However, just make sure that you note on your invitation that multiple people will be honored at the event, as well as whose home will play host to the festivities so your guests are aware.

3. Should the party’s color theme reflect the graduates former school (high school) or future school (college)?

Again, this is totally up to you! Most people choose to incorporate their high school’s colors throughout their graduation party decor as a way to honor their achievements at that school over the last few years. However, other graduates may choose to look ahead at where they will be attending college, and may want their future alma matter’s colors represented at their party. Therefore, talk to the graduate and see which color scheme they would prefer. You can also always incorporate both sets of colors in different areas of the event if they don’t want to choose!

4. How long should a graduation party last?

A typical graduation party is anywhere between three and five hours long. Because graduation parties are often restricted to a very short period of time (only the weekends between May and August usually), many people will often end up having multiple events during the same weekend, so you want to give people plenty of time to stop by your event throughout the day. However, some people also like to designate different time slots to different guests. For instance, invite the graduates family to come during the first three hours of the event, and their friends to come the last three hours. That way the graduate can socialize with everyone and not be restricted to catching up with just one group.

5. What’s the best date for a graduation party?

The best date for your graduation party depends on a few different factors. For instance, many people choose to have their party after graduation has already happened so they truly feel as though they are finished with school at the time of the event. However, others like to decide on their perfect graduation party date by swapping calendars with their friends to ensure that no one has overlapping parties. This may mean that someone has a grad party before graduation, which may be less important to them than getting to attend one of their best friend’s parties. Another important consideration is when kids will be leaving for college at the end of the summer. Most colleges start at the end of August or in early September, so if you want a lot of friends at the event, it may be smart to hold your graduation party before this time.

Do you have any other questions about throwing the perfect graduation party? Be sure to leave your questions below and we may answer them in an upcoming blog! Also be sure to visit My Paper Shop for all of your 2014 graduation party needs.

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