5 Fun Back To School Crafts for Kids

The end of summer. School is right around the corner; teachers are busy preparing their classrooms while parents rush off to the store to get the last few items on the school supply lists, and kids are begging to stay up one more hour to avoid the next day arriving.  To help your kids get excited about the new school year, here are 5 crafts you can do with them that are sure to raise their spirits.

school crafts

  1. Apple Clay Jar

What teacher doesn’t enjoy receiving an apple on the first day of school? Put a twist on the apple giving tradition this year, with a cute homemade Apple Clay Jar. Here are the items you will need to make the jar:

  • Clay pot, any size
  • Clay bottom, any size
  • Acrylic paint, acrylic brushes
  • Air dry or bake-able clay
  • Hot glue gun

At any craft store you can find adorable mini clay pots of all sizes. The bottom tray also comes in various sizes.  To create the jar, begin by placing the bottom tray on top of the clay pot. You can decide whether you want the “lid” of the jar to be bigger or smaller than the jar itself.

Then gather some red paint (or it can also be green or yellow, if you want your apple to be green or golden, instead of the traditional red). Paint the outside of the pot and the lid completely, and then let them dry.

To make the “stem” of the apple, gather up some clay and mold it. The kind of clay you use will determine whether you attach the “stem” after the paint dries or before painting. Air dry clay is easier, and if you use this clay, you can attach the clay after you paint; if you use bake-able clay, attach the stem first, bake according to instructions, then paint. And voila, your child now has a cute Apple Clay Jar to give to his or her new teacher!

  1. Scrapbook Binder

For your older kids, a binder will probably be necessary. Turn a plain, boring store bought binder into a unique and decorative scrapbook display for your kids to take with them. Let them use stickers, photos, ribbons, fun quotes, and anything else they can think of to make it more fun. Provide them with a variety of different stickers for their scrapbook binders to make it to your kids’ liking.

  1. Pipe Cleaner Notebook

Make a cool looking twist on an ordinary notebook with the use of pipe cleaners. You will need pipe cleaners, construction paper, and some tacky glue. To make the Pipe Cleaner Notebook, simply have your child glue the pipe cleaners to the front of the notebook, folding the ends of the pipe cleaners inside the front cover. Then seal off the inside of the front cover with a piece of colored construction paper. There you go, a neat looking notebook!

  1. Paper Plate Apple

This craft uses a paper plate as the basis for its apple. Too cute! The items you will need are: one paper plate, red and green paint, scissors, glue, a paintbrush, and black paint (a black marker will also suffice).

To create the paper plate apple, have your child use scissors to cut leaf shapes off of opposite sides of the plate. They can then paint the leaf shapes green and set aside to dry, and then paint the edges (top and bottom) of the plate red. They can paint or draw seed shapes onto the center of the plate, then allow everything to dry. Once all of the pieces are dry, simply glue the leaf shapes to the top of the plate to make the apple!

  1. Speed Erasers

Make schoolwork fun, or at least the erasing part, with this cute craft. To make Speed Erasers, you will need a variety of erasers, a knife, glue, thumbtacks, cardboard, and permanent markers. Begin by cutting the erasers with a knife, then letting your child stack the different sized erasers on top of each other to make cars, trucks and trailers. Pencil-cap erasers and automatic pencil eraser refills make good cargo. Use glue to hold the pieces together. To make the tires, press flat thumbtacks into a piece of cardboard and color them with permanent markers. Then, remove the tacks and press them into place on the “vehicles.”

Have any more fun back to school craft ideas? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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