5 Fun Recipes for Back-To-School Lunches

Whether you’re a first timer, dropping your little one off at preschool, or a seasoned veteran, driving your caravan of kids to various schools at different times in the morning, one thing is certain: they’re going to need lunch. Lunchtime is usually a significant time of day in the average elementary cafeteria. Not only do kids get to socialize with their friends, but they also get to swap snacks that Mom packed. To save you some heartache and a bit of stress, here are some lunches your child will surely want to keep. Not only are they mom-approved (healthy) but also kid-approved (tasty).

School lunch

1. Salami, crackers, and cheese (sliced or string)

Gather up some salami, crackers, and cheese (sliced or string), and you’re good to go. Slice up the salami into thin pieces if you’d like, to make the meal last longer. You can also add some grapes or apple slices on the side, to make sure they get a well-rounded meal.

2. Sunflower peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Make a twist on this classic sandwich and try using sunflower butter instead of regular peanut butter. Sunflower seeds have more protein than peanuts and they offer a new tasty kick. You can also add an orange on the side, for a juicy treat. Cutting the sandwich into a heart is optional, whereas a love note written on a napkin isn’t.

3. Cream cheese, turkey (or ham) slices, and lettuce wrap

You can make this wrap and cut it up into smaller pieces so it’s easier and more fun for your kids to eat. Kids are usually more willing to eat things when they have toothpicks, so stick some toothpicks in the wrap to hold them together. They also love eating with their hands, so this is bound to be a fun meal.

4. Nacho Bar

Get some corn chips, plain Greek yogurt (regular sour cream works too), lettuce, grape tomatoes and cubed cheese and put each item into individual containers. Be sure to cut the lettuce into shreds so it is easier – and more fun – to eat. Kids love to play with their food, so let them!

5. Ham, cubed cheese and bread sticks

Shish kabobs work wonders with kids. Cut the crust off the bread (or don’t, if they like the crust) and cut up some slices of ham along with some cubed cheese.  Cheddar or American cheese works well. Spread some butter, mayonnaise or whichever spread your kids like on one side of the bread, then thread on skewers with the deli ham and cheese. You can serve these with crackers, to make the meal more filling.

And there you have it. 5 fun new recipes that will make lunchtime more enjoyable for your kids. Remember to pack a juice box and a yummy dessert for an extra boost. You can also pack in some of our colorful paper napkins. Pick your kids’ favorite colors, or choose a fun pattern to liven things up. With these lunch ideas in tow, your kid is bound to be the new favorite at the lunch table. And you’ll be the envy of all the moms, too.

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