5 Kid’s Pool Party Finger Food Ideas

Hosting a kid’s pool party can be very daunting. Specifically because you need to worry about the adult to child ratio and/or hiring life guards to ensure that everyone is safe during the water-filled festivities. The least of your worries should be the menu. Kids are easy to please in the food department, as long as you keep the foods light and simple.

  1. Grape Caterpillar Kabobs - Grab skewers and thread fresh green grapes through them. Then, using white frosting, place two mini chocolate chips as eyes at the front. These snacks are simple, delicious, and the kids will love them! The fact that they’re healthy is a plus!
  2. Fruit Juice Popsicles - The supermarket sells molds for making homemade popsicles and they’re very inexpensive. Pick up a couple and make any flavor popsicle using fresh fruit juice of your choice. You can set them out on ice so they don’t melt quickly.
  3. Turkey Wrap “Kabobs” - Snacks on skewers at pool parties are key. The kids are running around jumping and swimming, so it’ll be challenging to get them all to sit down for some lunch. Make some turkey wraps using wheat flour tortillas, guacamole, turkey & swiss cheese. Cut the wraps into smaller pieces and thread each piece through small appetizer picks. My mouth just watered.

    Turkey Wrap

    Turkey Wrap (Photo credit: skolbwilliams)

  4. PB&J Triangles - The classic snack. Make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and cut them into triangles. It’s a hearty treat and most kids love them.
    English: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, m...

    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  5. Grilled Cheese Squares - Make sure and set out some grilled cheese square sandwich for those kids that have a peanut allergy. If you don’t want to set out two options, make sure and ask the mothers or fathers about any food allergies their children may have.

Have fun & enjoy the sunshine while we have it!

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