5 Last Minute Items You’ll Need For A Party

Earlier this month, my siblings and I put together a very intimate surprise birthday party for our mother. We all have such crazy schedules that we literally didn’t get around to planning anything until the week before. Seriously, I don’t recommend procrastinating that long when it comes to planning any event. I will say that even major party planners have that moment five minutes before “go-time” when they realize they may have overlooked a few minor, yet very important necessities.

Premium Plastic Party Plates & Trays

  1. Reusable Plastic Party Trays - Plastic party trays, preferably reusable ones because God knows you will need them again, will save your life. Ever been running around a few minutes before your guests arrive because you completely forgot to pick up more food trays? These reusable plastic trays are great to have around for emergencies like these!
  2. Salad Tongs: Your hands or standard size forks might work as salad serving tools for small family dinners, but salad tongs are a must at any dinner party. You could invest in some stainless steel tongs and/orhave these reusable plastic tongs handy for buffet dinner parties or banquets. They’ll make life much easier.

    Item# 20327279 - White Plastic Salad Tongs

  3. Plastic Salad Bowls:Extra salad bowls will always come in handy. I had a few that I used to set out fruit, salad, and tortilla chips at the buffet table. I really love the idea of being able to reuse simple accessories like these, especially because they’re only available in classic black, white or clear. You can’t go wrong!

    Item# 21326077 - Black Plastic Salad Bowls

  4. Plastic Wine Holder Plates- These wine holder plates have gotten such great reviews from all of our customers! They’re convenient for wine tastings and cocktail parties. Your guests won’t have to worry about where to put their wine glass while they grab some yummy finger foods and/or appetizers.

    Item# 28041816 - Clear Plastic Wine Holder Plates5.

  5. White Linen Like Guest Hand Towels - Disposable hand towels will answer your guest restroom prayers during the holiday season, or any major event really. They’re more hygienic and the clean-up is significantly easier. Linen-Like is a soft, dense paper material that everyone can’t help but love!

    Linen Like Select Guest Towels

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