5 Spooky Halloween Party Games

Finding activities to entertain teenagers almost requires psychic powers or a miracle perhaps. If you suggest one thing, they want to do the exact opposite. Mostly out of spite or worry that whatever you suggested just isn’t cool enough. Regardless, they come around sometimes if you convince enough of their friends to join in. If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, consider some of these spectacularly spooky party games that could 1.) crank up your ghoul, I mean cool, mom factor or 2.) actually get these tweens to participate and have a great time!



  1. Name That Scary Movie – Choose your top 5-10 scary films and select about 6 fairly well-known movie quotes from each. Print all of these on strips of paper, fold them and place them inside a cauldron or a Halloween themed bowl. About mid-evening, while everyone is still snacking on delicious “finger” foods, gather all the souls around and divide them into 2 teams or more depending on your number of guests. Representatives from each team take turns choosing the strips of quotes at random. The team that guesses the most correctly wins!
  2. I Will Survive – Type up semi-detailed common scary movie scenarios with about 4 endings as options. The person in the hot seat must choose one of the 4 options (obviously one of the choices is “correct” as it will guarantee their survival per your planning). If they choose the correct one, they win because well, they would have survived. If not, then we all know what their fate was.
  3. Feel Box – This is a fun game that your guests can play as they arrive. Set out about 4 “feel boxes” with mystery foods that represent organs or gory Halloween themed dishes (i.e. Spaghetti and meatballs can be brains and eyeballs, etc.). Number the dishes and set out index cards and writing utensils. As guests arrive, have them place their hand inside the mystery feel boxes and guess what dish is. Hand out prizes to the person that guesses most accurately.
  4. Monster Mash Dance Contest – This game or contest is pretty self-explanatory. Play the Halloween classic “Monster Mash” and have your guests let loose. Best musical dance number wins!

    Monster Mash

    Monster Mash (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

  5. CLUE – This game requires a little more planning obviously, but it can totally work if you plan with enough time. Bring the classic detective game to life with your friends and family. This one will obviously have to be the theme of your party and will definitely unravel throughout the evening. Invite your guests to dress like they will be attending a fancy, formal dinner for added effect.
    Clue (video game)

    Clue (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Please, please, please share photographs from your Halloween extravaganzas. We love to see pictures of your parties and we love to share them with our other customers even more!

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