6 Fresh Gift Ideas For Father’s Day - June 15th

When you were young, your dad was always there when you needed him. If your bike had a flat tire, or you needed advice about life’s problems, he always had wisdom to share or a shoulder to cry on. He’s a rock, the classic strong and silent type… which makes it hard to find a gift for him!

If you ask him what he wants, he’ll probably say he doesn’t want anything at all. If espionage won’t work (asking mom), you can always fall back on the tried-and-true tie. But this Father’s Day, instead of opting for the same-old, try out something new. Here are a few ways you can make your dad’s special day one to remember.

Father's Day

1. Sabrage

Sabrage is the art of opening champagne bottles with a sword or knife. Legend says the practice began over two hundred years ago, when cavalry officers fighting in the Napoleonic wars would use their sabers to slice off the top of bottles of the bubbly stuff. You can find specially made knives online, and Youtube has easy to follow instructional videos. Sabrage – it’s flashing knives and sparkling wine – what father wouldn’t love it?

2. A trip to the hardware store

Gift cards are usually a lackluster gift option. But a dad with a wood-working hobby or a love of gardening would welcome a Lowe’s or Home Depot gift card! It will be the perfect gift to kick of the warm summer months.

3. Port or whiskey

A nice single malt whiskey is a great gift for a special dad. If he doesn’t have a favorite, a specialty wine and spirits store likely will have knowledgeable sales staff who can help you find just the right drink. If you really want to go the extra mile, try finding a bottle of port that was bottled the year your dad was born. You might have to look up port dealers on line, but the extra effort is worth it when your dad looks at the date on the label.

4. A feast

Instead of going out to a restaurant, think about staying home and making a big meal for your father. The world seems to move faster and faster, and our over-scheduled lives don’t often leave us room to gather together as a family. What dad wouldn’t like to sit down to a home cooked meal surrounded by his children and grandchildren?

5. A nap

Do not underestimate the pure bliss a good hammock can deliver. If your dad has a shady backyard spot suitable for hanging this magnificent device, and doesn’t already have one, a good quality hammock could be the gift that keeps on giving.

6. A family portrait

A picture’s worth a thousand words. We snap dozens of pictures with our cell phones, but rarely are they worth keeping over the years. A quality portrait is a gift your dad will treasure.

With a little bit of effort you can make this Father’s Day one your dad will treasure for years to come. But no matter if you buy him his 18th straight consecutive tie or surprise him something totally unique, it’s the time spent with your dad that he’ll treasure most.

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