7 Fun Party Ideas To Liven Up Your Summer Schedule

Need an excuse to throw a party this summer? Here are seven of them!

One of the best parts of summer is all of the long, stretching warm weekends that you have to hang out with your friends and family by the pool, at the beach, or even in your own backyard. However, you do not have to wait until the 4th of July or Labor Day to get all of your friends together to celebrate the season. There are a number of fun excuses for a summer siesta this month and all month long!

If you are looking for an excuse to have friends over and break out your fancy party supplies this summer, here are seven party ideas to liven up your schedule.


1. Friday The 13th - Who says that you have to wait until Halloween to get your scary movie craving? This upcoming June, have your friends over on the ultra-scary “Friday the 13th” and have a scary movie marathon in your pajamas. You can even play fun scary games, such as midnight flashlight tag, and dress up in Halloween costumes!

2. Flag Day - There is no better craft day than Flag Day (June 14th). Just think of all of the amazing red, white and blue DIY projects that you could do, such as a wood palette painted like an American Flag, or even a red, white a blue tie-dye shirt! Don’t forget your star-shaped food for snacks!

3. Father’s Day - Show your dad how much you care this Father’s Day (June 15th) by throwing him a party in his honor! You can even create a theme party around some of your dad’s favorite things, such as baseball, golf, classic cars, grilling, or whatever else it is that your Pop loves. But, given that it’s his special day, you better be prepared to do the cooking!

4. Backyard Hoedown - In honor of National Country Music Day (July 4th), why not turn your backyard into a hoedown, complete with burlap table clothes, country music, hay bales and everything gingham? You can play fun games like a cowboy boot three-legged race, and sing some country karaoke! Yee-haw!

5. Ice Cream Social - What is better in the middle of a long, hot summer than a day full of ice cream? Nothing! Therefore, in honor of National Ice Cream Day (July 20th), why not have your friends over for a full-on ice cream social? You can purchase all of your favorite flavors from the grocery store to build your ultimate sundae, or can even try making your own ice cream at home! Don’t forget the sprinkles.

6. Backyard Bonfire - Not all summer parties have to take place in the middle of the day. In fact, some of the best parties happen when the summer sun goes down. For instance, on August 10th, for National S’mores Day, have all of your friends over for a delightful backyard bonfire, complete with all the fixings you need for delicious summer s’mores.

7. Pizza Party - When you were a kid, do you remember how amazing pizza parties were? Just a night of movies, pajamas and your best friends. Who says that you still can’t have pizza parties when you are a grown up? On September 5th for National Cheese Pizza Day, invite all of your friends over for a classic movie marathon, a big box of cheesy pizza, and your fanciest pajamas! It will be more fun than any night of going out ever is.

What party or event are you most looking forward to this summer? Did we miss one of your favorite reasons to celebrate? Let us know in the comments below!

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