7 Practical Tips for Plannin a Picnic

We’ve done our summer homework just in time for your outdoor planning. We hope these picnic tips will help a bit when it comes down to the nitty gritty:


  1. Plan a picnic menu that is simple and easy to clean-up. Also, try to estimate the correct amount of food so you’re not hauling a ton of leftovers back to the car. Depending on the picnic location, you could have a long walk to and from the car.
  2. Definitely focus on packing mostly finger foods. Not only will this make lunch time go smoothly, you’ll also avoid an insect issue early on. Think sandwiches, salad wraps, potato chips, and fruit. I would recommend doing a family style meal to promote family or friend bonding time. Meals are always more enjoyable when everyone is relaxed together.
  3. Make sure to check the weather about a week or so prior to your picnic outing. Not only do you want to avoid ugly weather, but it also helps you be more prepared in regards to what to expect.
  4. Avoid overly sweet or sticky treats. Specifically, ice cream or pudding—treats that melt and attract insects and bees. If you can, avoid soda. Those cans practically invite bees to your party!
  5. Stick the juice boxes and/or water bottles in the freezer or refrigerator beforehand. This way you’ll have cool beverages and you can double them up as cooling aids in your cooler. Two birds with one stone!
  6. Don’t forget to bring along sunscreen, insect repellent, a blanket with a tarp (to avoid the moisture), disposable tableware, and plastic trash bags so you can clean-up when you’re done!
  7. Most importantly, please do your homework and make sure that all appropriate safety measures are taken. Depending on the location of the picnic, certain areas require that you watch your children closely (cliffs, rivers, forests, etc.).
  8. Share your pictures with us and let us know what YOUR perfect picnic spot is this summer! Bon Apetit!


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