7 Tips for Hosting Pool Parties

These last few days in southern California have been some of the hottest days we’ve had in quite a while. We’re used to nice, warm weather, but humidity? Not so much. We’ll pull through. Sorry for complaining, friends in the Midwest and on the east coast. It’s nothing personal.

This is an image from the 2007 Hillbilly Outfi...

This is an image from the 2007 Hillbilly Outfield Derby Bash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great way to kick off summer vacation for both children and adults is to either host or attend a pool party. Not everyone has a pool in their backyard, so it’s a real treat for some kids when they get a chance to go splash around in a pool with friends. If you’re hosting, remember that you can host a pool party at a community pool if it is not something that is available at home! Keep the following 7 tips in mind to ensure fun for everyone at the pool:

1. Guest List - Put together a reasonable guest list of children and their parents. Make sure you get an idea of how many can swim and how many will require extra supervision. If your ratio of adults to children will be too slow, I would suggest hiring local teens or high school age lifeguards who are looking to make some summer cash. Better safe than sorry.

2. Essentials Table - It’s so easy to forget important little details or supplies you may need when you’re out and about visiting friends and family. Make sure to have a small table with a few extra beach towels, sun screen, plastic sunglasses, shirt guards, pool noodles and toys. You name it!

3. Party Supplies - You honestly won’t need  much. The pool will be the main event anyway. You can set up a fun summer themed photo booth if you’d like to add. In regards to party supplies, I would recommend using paper dessert plates with slits in the center as popsicle guards. This is one of my favorite ways to eat desserts without the messy drip!:

CC030_0406_ms_41924. Invitations - You don’t need to spend a ton of money on invitations. You can either find some customizable ones on Etsy, or some pre-printed ones on here! If you’re making your own, make the inside look like a makeshift check off  list of pool items you may need such as hats, sunscreen, beach towels, snacks, etc.

5. Pool Games - Pool parties are a blast because of pool games, such as chicken or Marco Polo. Make sure and have at least 3-5 game options so you can play them throughout the day.

6. Pool Foods - small finger foods or appetizers should be laid out for the kids and/or adults. We all know how hungry we can get after a day of swimming. Please reference posts from 05/13 for a fun, easy and quick kabob idea!

7. Music - Music is important for any party. It’s a big way to breathe life into the party and keep it going for as long as you’d like. I would suggest compiling a playlist that will fit the theme and have everyone enjoying their day to the fullest.


Keep safe this weekend & Happy 4th of July!!


















































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