A New Trend In Wedding Showers – The Man Shower

This past week, MSNBC featured an article online about a growing trend for engaged couples around the country.  The “Man Shower” as it has been dubbed is quickly catching on as to-be-grooms realize the wedding preparation does not have to be all about the bride.  Putting together a “Man Shower” can be fun, new, and quite easy!

Basically, the “Man Shower” can be as simple or as extravagant as wanted.  It is not meant to replace a bachelor party, should the groom want one of those as well, nor is it another name for a bachelor party.  A “Man Shower” is a gathering of male friends and family of the groom and a way for those guests to celebrate the decision being made.

Start with a theme that complements the groom’s personality: a sport, hobby or interest are a great place to start.  Some great theme ideas are a Tool Party, Go Fish Party, Friday Football Party, or even a Yard Hog Party.  Guests should plan on gifts to go with the theme.  Wrapping is optional - this is, after all, a MAN party!  Or, hold a contest for the most outrageously wrapped gift, and see how much duct tape arrives.

Food is quite simple.  Chips and dip, grilled selections, and a cooler of drinks will suffice.  And, activities should center around the groom’s interests.  Take in a sporting event, go on an excursion, or sit around and play video games: whatever is in the groom’s comfort level.

Many of these up-and-coming events are held in conjunction with a bridal shower.  It gives the men something to do and preoccupy the groom.  It also gives the groom a feeling of belonging to the entire process.  For so long, grooms have been left out of so many phases of the engagement, giving the groom his own special celebration is a great way to bring about that feeling of inclusion!

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