A Tablecloth Story

I recently attended a 3 year old’s birthday party, more aptly classified as a GALA EVENT.  Anything you could think of for a Cowgirl Birthday was there - the pony rides, the roping, the music, the checked tablecloths, the bandannas, the bottled root beer in the galvanized tub…all the way down to the hot pink, horse headed cake - and about sixty guests.  This little girl lacked nothing in her birthday party, save one thing.

The entire event was outdoors (chancy at best in Texas in the Spring), and the sky was a beautiful blue with light, wispy clouds aloft.  What was not planned was the wind.  While it was gorgeous and a great temperature, the wind alone could possibly blow over a small child.  And with the wind came chaos at the picnic tables.

The hostess gave great effort to anchor those tablecloths down.  First she tried packing tape, but that wasn’t about to hold.  Nor was the duct tape; it simply couldn’t hold on tight enough to the wooden underside of the tables with the wind kicking up.  As a last resort, she positioned condiments at the corners of the tables, which was okay except when a guest needed the mustard or wanted some more ketchup.  What that poor mom needed were some table cover clips.

At my own son’s third birthday soiree back in October, I anchored my table covers with these gems.  They work like a charm.  Our tables were cement (we held his party at a local park), and even with the thickness of the tables, these clips held fast.  Instead of looking like flags billowing in the wind, our table covers stayed put, leaving a lovely, clean surface for cupcake eating and ice cream dripping.

Whether windy weather is in the forecast or not, it is a great idea to keep some of these table cover clips handy, no matter what the occasion.  They are clear and unobtrusive, so they do not take away from the decor of the table.  Nor are you left with condiments in the corner or elbows on the table to hold everything in place!

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