Ahoy Mateys! Its A Pirate Party!

Hoist the sail!
Dig the doubloons!
Give a swig of the whiskey or ye’ll walk thar plank!  Arrrr!!!

Host a swashbuckler of fun with a pirate party!  Pirate parties are ideal for birthdays, end of the school year celebrations, and even teen get-togethers.  Plan on plenty of bootlegging fun on the Seven Seas!

First, invite the guests with some fabulous invitations.  Create authentic-looking treasure maps by taking plain paper and spritzing it with lemon juice, then press it with a cool iron to discolor.  Consider burning the edges of the paper to give it that old, weathered look.  Or, send your invitation as a message in a bottle.  Roll it up and place it in a dried water bottle, and fill the bottle slightly with sand to give it that “beached” look.  Pre-printed invitations are also fun, and they do not require any prep work either.

Decorate the location with pirate fare: large black hats, skeletons, treasure chests and swords are all great accessories to use to make the place look extra “pirate-y”!  Create a walk-in pirate ship by using either foam board panels or plywood, or for younger kids, create a “boat” with a refrigerator box from a local appliance store.  Create or purchase skull-and-crossbone flags to add to the environment.

Ask the guests to arrive in costume, or provide accessories for the guests to wear when they get there.  Look for eye patches, pirate shirts or vests, and hats.  Another fun party favor is a Captain Hook hook or a telescope.  When guests arrive or don costumes, they will find it easier to “become” a pirate.  Encourage ye olde language of the swashbuckling scalawags!  Arrrr!!!

Fun party game ideas are boat races (build paper boats and race them across a kiddie pool), three-legged races, and relay races.  Consider creating a treasure hunt by using a map or written clues that may lead to a chest of “gold”.  Or, how about a pirate version of “Pin The Tail on The Donkey?”  Perhaps guests could pin an eye patch on the pirate, pin the sail on the ship, pin the gold in the treasure chest, or even pin the treasure chest on the map!

Send the guests away with unique goodies to help them remember the fun time at the pirate party.  Pirates would love to get a new “weapon set”, including two plastic swords, an eye patch and a hook!  Or, how about some pirate figurines to act out their favorite scenes?  Place the goodies in an authentic treasure chest goody bag to finish off the event.

Even the most bodacious pirate is sure to have a great time at this shin-dig!

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