Baby Shower Favors, Ideas

I had quite a busy schedule of social events planned this past weekend. The sister of a close friend of mine hosted a baby shower in honor of her unborn baby boy. :-D Her sister made little baby pins for each of the guests to wear at the party and they are the most adorable favors/trinkets ever.

The pins were baby boy dolls constructed from crepe paper (with hair and everything)! Clearly, the project sounds time consuming, but with a little help, I’m sure anyone can pull it off. She used peach (any other skin tone color will work) crepe paper for the head, and stuffed it with soft cotton material. She also cut out little arms and legs. The body was made from pastel blue crepe paper (pink or yellow may be used depending on whether the sex of the baby is known or not) and stuffed with cotton as well). Two little brown strands of crepe paper were rolled and used as hair. She then took a blue glitter pen to inscribe “It’s A Boy!” on the body, and a permanent marker to add eyes and a smile.

Lastly, glue pins to the back of the dolls, and voila: wearable party favors.

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