Blue Plates vs. Red Plates: How Do Colors Affect Us?

It’s undeniable – solid colored party supplies make any occasion more fun. From office parties to backyard cookouts, from cozy family meals to huge neighborhood gatherings, you can’t go wrong with solid colors. They’re festive and bright without being specific to any one particular holiday or season, so you can stock up and keep enough on hand to use whenever the mood strikes.  But did you know that the vibrant colors that make these party supplies so much fun can actually have an effect on the atmosphere at your get together?

Believe it or not, studies have shown that certain colors affect us in specific ways – both physically and emotionally. And while we might expect that sitting in a living room painted completely red, or a kitchen where everything is yellow, would have an effect on our mood, it’s been proven that even the color of something as small as a plate can influence the way we feel and behave.


Blue vs. Red

You’ve probably heard that people tend to eat more when served food on a red plate, and less when that same portion is served on a blue plate. But why is that?

As it turns out, the color red acts as a physical stimulant to our bodies. It elevates the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Sounds like “seeing red” is a pretty apt description! Red also increases the appetite, which is why more gets eaten off a red plate. But it also ups the energy level at a gathering, which can make conversation more lively and entertaining.

Blue, on the other hand, exerts a calming influence. It actually lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation. Because of this, it calms the appetite as well, reducing the amount people feel they want to eat from a blue plate. Blue party supplies would be perfect for any gathering where relaxation is the goal.

Yellow vs. Green      

But blue and red aren’t the only colors that can influence the mood at your party. Yellow promotes happiness, and has an energizing, uplifting effect on people. It also increases the metabolism.

The color green, however, causes people to feel tranquility. It’s the color of comfort and togetherness, nature and health. It refreshes and calms at the same time.

Pink vs. Purple

What girl’s party would be complete without some pink or purple thrown in? You can dial the tone of the party up or down through your color choice, though, so think carefully about which color you use!

Pink is associated with youth and cheerfulness, so those hot pink cups and plates can really bring up the level of bubbly chat and lively play at a party. Purple, on the other hand, is evocative of rich luxury and sophistication, and has more of a calming effect on party goers. But, as any mom knows, a group of girls in party mode aren’t likely to be calmed too effectively by anything!

So the next time you throw a party, why not choose solid colored party supplies, and see if they really do influence the mood. In fact, what a great excuse to throw a couple more parties – just for scientific purposes, of course! Stock up on solid colored party supplies from My Paper Shop today.


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