Bridal Showers, Last Single Dinners

I’ve experienced first-hand the pressures of being a bridesmaid. Yeah, yeah, it may sound like it’s all make-up and flowers, but ten deep breaths later, you come to find that it can turn into one big passive-aggressive gala.

All stressful memories and pressures seem to fade when you see your good friend glowing with happiness. It may sound completely cheesy, but being a friend’s bridesmaid is a trivial task that shows your genuine friendship and happiness for the journey she is about to undertake. The job may sound simple—get in the dress, look less pretty than the bride, walk in a straight line, join her for the last wild night, etc.—but, it’s important to make your girlfriend’s last months as a single woman, as memorable as possible.

I remember my close friend’s bridal shower and I’m sure made some great memories. The shower doesn’t need to be crowded with people—it’s the close, loved individuals that matter. So, if the other bridesmaids aren’t stepping up to the plate, grab a notebook and take initiative. Bridal Showers are the chance to have a nice dinner, play some games and really just sit back through the trip to memory lane. :-D

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