Candy Themed Table Centerpieces & Favors - DIY

Valentine’s Day is already about a month away. This holiday is always full of grumps who hate it or lovebirds who are way too excited. I was making table centerpieces for a friend’s party recently and I figured it would be simple to apply the same concept to a centerpiece, gift or favor except make it candy themed-these would be perfect for those grumps that need a smile or something to sweeten their day!

You could use a Quart-size Pail as a base and insert a floral foam brick inside. Select a theme of candies, whether it be tart, sweet or chocolate and make cute “kabobs” using bonfire skewers or wooden dowel rods. You could use a hot glue gun to arrange them on the rod, or tape if you prefer. Once they have dried, arrange the rods in the design of your choice (think flower arrangements). You can leave the pail in the original color, or use a few of the chocolate bar wrappers to add themed accents. Add paper crepe streamers or iridescent streamers as fillers for extra decoration.

These make great centerpieces at a party and double up as favors.

Brighten up someone’s Valentine’s Day this year! :-)


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