Kids’ Crafts To Keep Summertime Boredom At Bay


Most kids rejoice when the school bell rings for the final time in May or June, because they know they have 3 months of playtime before they have to be back in that classroom again. Not every parent shares this sentiment, though. 3 months of kids’ playtime likely means 3 months of activities for parents to think up! Crafts are a time-tested way to keep kids busy, so here are a few for you and the kids to try out!

Kids Crafts

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Patriotic Food and Drink Ideas for an All-American Party


One of the most unique and fun aspects of holiday food is the seasonal color palette we use when making our festive spreads – St. Patrick’s Day has us eating and drinking green, Halloween calls for black and orange, and of course, for the 4th of July, we bring out the red, white, and blue.

So how can you incorporate these patriotic colors into your 4th of July party feast? With a little bit of creativity, it’s easy to wow your guests with tasty treats that show off your holiday spirit.

4th of July

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Unique Party Ideas for a Memorable 4th of July


Who doesn’t love a good 4th of July celebration? The food, the fun, the patriotism, the friends and family…and of course, the fireworks! The 4th of July is the perfect holiday for getting together and having a blast outdoors. But rather than hosting the same old backyard barbecue this Independence Day, why not spice things up a bit with one of these unique takes on the 4th of July party? They’ll make this year’s celebration of our nation’s birthday one to remember.

4th of July

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5 Tips For Throwing A Great Summer BBQ Party

The smell of fresh cut grass, the taste of watermelon and the feeling of your skin soaking up the warm sun; it must be summer. Backyard BBQ’s have been a long standing tradition in the United States, but it’s sometimes easy to get bogged down in the details. To help you throw a great barbecue in order to kick of the season, here are 5 summer BBQ tips to help work out all the kinks.

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5 Reasons to Celebrate Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is about a week and a half away. That means there’s still plenty of time to put a little something together for the veterans in your family or community. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, but a thank you and a tip of the hat go a long way nowadays. On November 11, 1918, World War I ended and that is what was originally celebrated on that day. The President of the United States later made it a national holiday on which we honor those brave individuals that have served our country. So, break out your flags, prayers and/or gestures of gratitude on Monday, November 11, to celebrate their courageous service to our country.

USA Cloth Flags

USA Cloth Flags

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7 Tips for Hosting Pool Parties

These last few days in southern California have been some of the hottest days we’ve had in quite a while. We’re used to nice, warm weather, but humidity? Not so much. We’ll pull through. Sorry for complaining, friends in the Midwest and on the east coast. It’s nothing personal.

This is an image from the 2007 Hillbilly Outfi...

This is an image from the 2007 Hillbilly Outfield Derby Bash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great way to kick off summer vacation for both children and adults is to either host or attend a pool party. Not everyone has a pool in their backyard, so it’s a real treat for some kids when they get a chance to go splash around in a pool with friends. If you’re hosting, remember that you can host a pool party at a community pool if it is not something that is available at home! Keep the following 7 tips in mind to ensure fun for everyone at the pool:

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How To Set Up a Patriotic Event

Memorial Day was designated a holiday to honor our past and current soldiers. These men and women serve our country every day to ensure that we continue to enjoy the freedoms we can easily take for granted sometimes. My family and I usually barbecue at home or try to make it to a local parade or patriotic theme fair. How do you celebrate this important holiday?

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5 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

Our Fourth of July, or Independence Day, holiday here in the US is on a Wednesday this year. The day off will be a nice little mid-week break. Now, just because it’s on a weekday doesn’t mean we can’t have fun celebrating. Our church is planning a great community BBQ with games and contests for the kids so they’re definitely looking forward to that. Here are a few suggestions for making the day count this year:

  1. Family/Community Sports Tournament - Our church organized a soccer tournament for different age groups. Small prizes for the winners can be awarded (i.e. water guns, $5 gift cards, etc.)
  2. Patriotic Themed Picnic - An easy buffet of American snacks and food at home or at the park. Grab a blanket and relax under the shade. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy.
  3. Wilderness Day - Take a hike…literally! It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Trust me, that picnic I was telling you about will sound like heaven at the end. If you have little ones, you can teach them about different plants and little animals you may see along the way.
  4. Day at the Lake - I did this with my family recently and we had SUCH a blast. You can always rent jet skis and boats for fishing for a reasonable price once you’re there. I highly recommend this. Pack some quick sandwiches and drinks and you won’t need much else.
  5. One of the local high schools puts on a firework show for the community. It’s a great way to keep the neighborhoods clean, the children safe (I know how they love to be in there lighting up the fireworks) and to save some money. Fireworks are expensive! On that note, please check the paper or online for community events that may be similar to this!

As always, we have a beautiful selection of Patriotic Party Supplies or Solid Colored Tableware that will make any mess a cinch to clean-up. Paper Plates never look as good as at the end of a long day!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day holiday!

Fourth of July Party Pack Giveaway

MyPaperShop.Com is fairly new to Facebook and to help us connect better with our dear customers, we are currently holding a Fourth of July Party Pack Giveaway. One lucky customer will win this Patriotic themed tote bag once we’ve reached 1,000 fans:

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Memorial day is only a couple weeks away, so please share our page with friends and family and the prize may be on your doorstep earlier than expected. Our Patriotic Party Supplies are vibrantly designed to help you celebrate the brave soldiers that have fought for our country.

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Presidential Occasion

When I was young, the fifth grade class at our school used to put together a “wax museum.” Each student would select a historical figure and write a summary about their life. Part of the assignment was to get a costume. The fifth grade teacher made makeshift buttons out of cardboard and the parents would come at different times, “push” the button and the student would recite his or her speech. It was such a great way to learn about important people in U.S. history.

Now, I know many of you have little ones today that will soon be celebrating President’s Day (note: this can also work for any 4th of July event). Some school assignments can get pretty pricey if the teachers require costumes (that is, if you’re thinking rentals). A friend of mine helped her younger brother put together a powdered wig for his president costume last year and it turned out great! Continue reading