4 Unique Ways To Decorate With Party Streamers

Fun DIY party decorating ideas you can recreate using only streamers!

When it comes to party decor, there are few decorations that are more effective or more versatile than party streamers. They were one of our favorite decorations as kids, because you could drape them across the entire party, or use them to create a fun curtain in your doorway that kept out the grown-ups. Even as adults, streamers are nearly limitless with the amount of creations that can come from them and they are an essential for any great party.

These fun and festive ribbons come in a number of different sizes, patterns and colors, allowing them to be used for virtually any kind of decorating—baby showers, birthday parties, graduation events, bachelorette parties, etc. However, if you really want to show off your party decorating skills, here are a few unique DIY decor projects that you can recreate at home using party streamers.


Image Source: ProjectWedding.com

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How To Get Pinterest-Worthy Party Decor On A Budget

Duplicate some of your favorite Pinterest looks, minus the high cost!

It is nearly impossible to plan a party these days without first going to Pinterest for a little decorating inspiration. From DIY crafts that will make you the envy of all of your crafty friends, to extravagant, high-quality decor that leaves you drooling on your keyboard, Pinterest has a little bit of party inspiration for everyone, no matter what the occasion!

However, one of the downsides of Pinterest is that you don’t always have the time or the money to recreate some the detailed, intricate themes that many of these professional party planners share on their pages each holiday season. Lucky there are many low-budget ways to recreate some of your favorite Pinterest looks, but still maintain the high-quality design that you are looking for at your event! To get you started, here are three easy ways to recreate popular Pinterest party looks, all without breaking the bank.

Cluster Lanterns

Image source: The Bridal Detective

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5 Reasons to Plan a Baseball Themed Baby Shower

Remember when I shared my good friend’s Turtle themed baby shower a few weeks ago? Well, her mother-in-law was sweet enough to throw her a surprise Baseball themed baby shower this past weekend. I was able to make it just in time to snap a few shots of the table setup and decor.

This was the overall setup on the patio outside.

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How To Host A Baby Gender Reveal Party

One of my best friends is pregnant with her first baby and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s going to be such a great mommy!

Of course, we immediately started brainstorming ideas for an adorable baby shower, but first she interjected and said she would love to throw a Baby Gender Reveal Party. This is definitely underway and will be happening very soon. How cute is it that she chose a Bumble Bee theme? She was inspired by a “What Will It Bee?” banner! Not only that, but the fact that the colors for the theme are gender neutral is perfect because we can do so much with the decor.

(Pictured: Fleur de Bees Party Supplies)

We have a couple bee themed party designs with which we are very much in love and we are so excited to use them to reveal this little peanut’s gender!

(Pictured: Bumble Bee Baby Shower Party Supplies)

I’m so excited that I had to share right away. Do not fret, I definitely plan on posting a ton of pictures from the event in a couple months. What are your thoughts on gender reveal parties? Ideas? We’d love to hear them! Come on over to Facebook and share.

Under The Sea Baby Shower Theme Ideas

I went to the most adorable baby shower this weekend. It was decorated with an “Under the Sea” theme mostly focusing on mermaids. I fell in love with the set-up because it wasn’t over the top; it was just tasteful enough. I hate when it looks like the ocean puked in the room. Continue reading

5 Ways Babies Are Celebrated Internationally

Earlier this week, my good friend and I were discussing current baby shower trends and somehow the topic of international baby showers came up. Her friend was in town visiting from London and while she was here, my friend invited her to attend a baby shower with her. The London native was confused and curious. She was completely unaware of the concept of the whole baby shower production so she began sharing how pregnancies and/or babies are celebrated in the UK. This prompted me to do a little research in regards to international baby showers.



Pictured above: Safari Baby Shower Party Supplies in Pink and Blue.

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Budget Friendly Baby Shower Favor Tags - DIY

My childhood friend is expecting her first child early next year and we have been diligently working the past few weeks to plan her dream baby shower. She is a die-hard Little Mermaid fan and as our luck would have it, there are very few places that make Little Mermaid themed decorations. We have literally had to customize almost everything (except standard plastic table covers and napkins). I know customization always sounds like the budget will be through the roof, but I promise we made most of the décor ourselves and kept our expenses well below the budget. It’s plenty of work, but worth it.

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Baby Shower Favors, Ideas

I had quite a busy schedule of social events planned this past weekend. The sister of a close friend of mine hosted a baby shower in honor of her unborn baby boy. :-D Her sister made little baby pins for each of the guests to wear at the party and they are the most adorable favors/trinkets ever.

The pins were baby boy dolls constructed from crepe paper (with hair and everything)! Clearly, the project sounds time consuming, but with a little help, I’m sure anyone can pull it off. She used peach (any other skin tone color will work) crepe paper for the head, and stuffed it with soft cotton material. She also cut out little arms and legs. The body was made from pastel blue crepe paper (pink or yellow may be used depending on whether the sex of the baby is known or not) and stuffed with cotton as well). Two little brown strands of crepe paper were rolled and used as hair. She then took a blue glitter pen to inscribe “It’s A Boy!” on the body, and a permanent marker to add eyes and a smile.

Lastly, glue pins to the back of the dolls, and voila: wearable party favors.

Story of a Baby Shower

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall/ All the King’s horses/ And all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

Nursery rhymes are probably the most memorable childhood stories and poems. They are the basis of children’s imaginations. Our Nursery Toile Baby Shower design (available in pink or blue) is adorable and perfect for celebrating classic literature. A storybook party theme would be so great. Decorations could include storybook character stand-up posters and vintage storybooks arranged in displays.

Guests can bring books as part of the baby’s gifts. Children cannot get started too early with reading.