4 Unique Ways To Decorate With Party Streamers

Fun DIY party decorating ideas you can recreate using only streamers!

When it comes to party decor, there are few decorations that are more effective or more versatile than party streamers. They were one of our favorite decorations as kids, because you could drape them across the entire party, or use them to create a fun curtain in your doorway that kept out the grown-ups. Even as adults, streamers are nearly limitless with the amount of creations that can come from them and they are an essential for any great party.

These fun and festive ribbons come in a number of different sizes, patterns and colors, allowing them to be used for virtually any kind of decorating—baby showers, birthday parties, graduation events, bachelorette parties, etc. However, if you really want to show off your party decorating skills, here are a few unique DIY decor projects that you can recreate at home using party streamers.


Image Source: ProjectWedding.com

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How To Get Pinterest-Worthy Party Decor On A Budget

Duplicate some of your favorite Pinterest looks, minus the high cost!

It is nearly impossible to plan a party these days without first going to Pinterest for a little decorating inspiration. From DIY crafts that will make you the envy of all of your crafty friends, to extravagant, high-quality decor that leaves you drooling on your keyboard, Pinterest has a little bit of party inspiration for everyone, no matter what the occasion!

However, one of the downsides of Pinterest is that you don’t always have the time or the money to recreate some the detailed, intricate themes that many of these professional party planners share on their pages each holiday season. Lucky there are many low-budget ways to recreate some of your favorite Pinterest looks, but still maintain the high-quality design that you are looking for at your event! To get you started, here are three easy ways to recreate popular Pinterest party looks, all without breaking the bank.

Cluster Lanterns

Image source: The Bridal Detective

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Sunshine Theme 1st Birthday Party

I started planning my son’s 1st birthday party from the day he was born! I enjoy every single detail that goes into planning a party, and working at My Paper Shop is an added bonus. I have helped plan countless events for friends and family, so Jordan’s first birthday was going to be a big celebration. I incorporated a lot of yellow, blue, and white color tones to create a warm and festive party setting.

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy cheering on as we sang “Happy Birthday.”

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How To Make Christmas Birthdays Special

I’m not a Christmas baby, but I have a sister, a nephew, friends and a cousin who have birthdays the day before and the days after. They’re not crazy about their birthdate and with good reason.It’s important to make Christmas birthdays special, especially if they are for friends and family!  It’s commonly heard that if your birthday lands on any of these critical days, then more than likely a.) you’ll get one gift that counts for Christmas and your birthday, b.) you’ll get a birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper, c.) your friends are busy spending the holidays with family, d.) your family temporarily forgets it’s your birthday, and the list goes on. Just as we get one day of the year that’s all about us, they deserve one as well.

birthday cake

birthday cake (Photo credit: freakgirl)

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How To Host A Princess’ Birthday Party

Every father or set of parents thinks their daughter is a perfect princess and there is no limit to what they would do to put a smile on her face. I attended an adorable princess theme baby shower a few months ago. The theme, however, is versatile and can double up as a birthday party if you so desire. Many people can find it intimidating or overly expensive to plan parties in general, and although it can get stressful, there are so many little tricks and modifications you can take to make the planning just as much fun as the event!

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How To Host An Ocean Themed Party

Shark Week is almost exactly two months away. What are YOU doing to prepare?

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How To Make Solid Decor Come Together Elaborately

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine hosted her baby daughter’s first birthday. This is a big one and she threw the cutest party for her using a ton of bright solid color paper decorations. I wanted to share pictures and ideas from Lucy’s birthday party because 1.) it was adorable and 2.) it was simple — by simple I don’t mean it was easy to plan because we all know how much work goes into these events, I mean that the decor ideas were not super elaborate, yet they came together for an elaborate look! Nice save, right? :-D Continue reading

Superhero Birthday Party for Adults & Children

Marvel Comics are undeniably huge among kids, and that obscure, now trendy population of adult nerds. When I was growing up, my younger sister was too young to engage in any games, so I played with my brother. This meant a lot of Superhero themed games and anything that didn’t involve pink dolls or dress-up in mom’s heels. It was a bummer at first, but I learned to love it and we to this day, we still bond over huge comic book movies.

The best part of throwing old-school themed birthday parties for adults is the nostalgic effects they can have. There’s nothing like vintage. Trust me, I found a vintage inspired Ghost Busters sweater a couple years ago and I’ve gotten several compliments-all people remembering the good ole 90s.

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Hosting A Barbie Birthday Party

Millions of women can relate to fond memories of playing with Barbie dolls in their childhood, collecting them in their teens, or loving fashion designer Patricia Field’s limited edition Barbie purse and wallet collection. The frenzy is international and her silhouette is recognizable everywhere. Young girls love birthday parties decked out in bright colors and bold designs. For older women, however, a vintage Barbie silhouette theme in shades of Magenta and black for a birthday party or celebratory occasion would be so classic and chic. Also, the fact that the design is so simple makes it relatively easy to make a lot of the decorations and accents yourself, which would allow you to save on themed tableware.

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