How To Navigate Cyber Monday

If you hate waking up at 4AM after the Thanksgiving holiday, camping outside of a major department store or getting trampled over in a crazed-shopper stampede, then Cyber Monday is the sale for you. It is the virtual version of Black Friday and every homebody’s dream. The rules for how to navigate this major shopping event are quite similar to the rules we discussed for Black Friday, nonetheless, let’s review. I can’t wait to shop in my PJs on Monday morning! Continue reading

America Recycles

November 15 is America Recycles Day (abbreviated as ARD), and it is a day devoted to educating American about recycling and encouraging them to incorporate “green” habits into their daily lives. This year will be the 12th year that this day is recognized on a national level.

The purpose of the day is to inform the public about ways they can join the movement for an improved natural environment by buying certain products or recycling certain products used on a daily basis.

Not all of us consider the harm we do to the environment when we throw a gum wrapper out the car window, or when we discard our fast food trash under the car in the parking lot. It is, however, important to consider that our children, tomorrow’s future, will need to endure the serious aftermath of minor actions such as these.

Join the cause or do your part by integrating Recycled Paper Goods into your daily life.

P.S. The air is cleaner already! ;-)

Personalized Guest Towels

Monogrammed Guest Hand Towels, or even plain solid colored paper guest towels, are making a comeback. My grandmother is old fashioned in many ways and she always manages to surprise the family with the little mannerisms that are so specific to her. She just had an eye procedure done last week and our family stopped by for a visit this past weekend. In spite of all her health issues, Lola likes to keep her space guest-ready.

She is so cute. Her bathroom is set up with matching towels and bathroom accessories that include lavender paper guest towels for her guests. It totally brought to mind all of the phone calls we’ve received from customers requesting high quality guest hand towels for their bathrooms.

I know having the perfect guest room and “powder room” is essential and a dream come true for many new wives. Ladies, (or involved new husbands) take it a step further with monogrammed guest hand towels sporting the initial of the last name you both share now. ;-)

Green Tips-Do it for Mother Earth

I was never exactly one to follow trends because they were “in”; you can confirm with my awesome coworker though. I’m sure she won’t deny our strike against the trendy jackets in junior high. Where most girls were sporting those puffy jackets that looked semi-ridiculous in sunny Orange County, we were blatantly sporting neon colored jackets that blinded our classmates.

Aside from sporting blinding attire, we didn’t make much of a statement. Today, I am succumbing to the current global trend of “going green,” and hope many of you will join me. Although I most certainly am not the Queen of the Environmentalists, Mother Earth sort of is and Mother’s Day is coming up. I’m not asking for anyone to turn the litter bug switch off cold turkey.

Baby steps.

Below, I have prepared 4 tips for incorporating environmental consciousness into your everyday life:

1.    Single-stream Recycling

-    A system that allows all approved recyclable materials to be combined in one container

- Contact your local public works dept. to express interest in such a program

2.    Upcycling

-    Recycling on a larger schedule buy putting items in your household that you no longer use, to a different use (i.e. old sweaters into pillow covers)

-    Hey! My little sister turned an old sweatshirt into a lounging skirt. She still uses it for “laundry days” years later & we cannot get her out of it!

3.    Reduced Packaging

-   Try supporting companies and brands that only use environmentally friendly packaging

4.    Efficient Lighting

-    Saver Tip: replace incandescent bulbs in your home with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) [my father is an electrician, who would’ve thought his rants would come in handy? :)]

-    Turn off lights in your home (or anywhere else) when they are not in use [turning lights off has become my OCD—it’s crazy!]

Just an FYI: MyPaperShop also offers environmentally party collections now: American Flag, Easter Melody, & Green Garden.

Linen Like Guest Towels

Last week, I told you about one of the best deals at MyPaperShop: Linen Like table covers.  A paper product, Linen Like table covers look like linen, feel like linen, and (most importantly) act like linen.  There’s more to this line than simply table covers, table runners, and even napkins.  We also carry Linen Like Guest Towels!

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Go Green With MyPaperShop

MyPaperShop offers a wide variety of earth-friendly napkin and guest hand towel products. Our Recycled Paper Hand Towels, Cocktail or Dinner Napkins, and Biodegradable Hand Towels are environmentally friendly products. It is good to know that the napkin products you purchase will not sit for thousands of years in a landfill, but will give back to the planet by biodegrading into the soil. Take a look around our site for more earth-friendly items!

Thinking Green With MyPaperShop!

In honor of Earth Day, check out our 100% recycled paper products!  Using products made of 100% recycled product is a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our recycled products include beverage and dinner napkins, guest towels, solid placemats and even printed placemats.  The quality of these items is no different from standard paper products, and it is a great way to help out the environment.  To locate all of our fine recycled products, simply use the search bar and type in “recycle.”

Happy Earth Day!

Etch It Cups – Just What You Need!

I host quite a few get-togethers at our home.  Between family parties, my social groups, bunco nights, and play date gatherings, I am forever trying to keep cups straight between guests.  Etch It Cups are the perfect answer to this dilemma.  Names, pictures, and designs can be etched in the special wax on the side of the cup, making each one unique and eliminating the need for markers or guesswork.  These are perfect for small gatherings to corporate functions!