4 Creative Ways To Display Photos At Your Graduation Party

Show off your favorite photos in these unique, creative ways!

A graduation party is not only a great time to celebrate your future and your acceptance to college or a new job, but it is also a great opportunity to look back at your past and celebrate all that you have accomplished. Whether you were prom king or queen at your high school dance, you won competitions in high school sports or academics, or you simply had the best time of your life over your past 12 years of education, you want to celebrate these important life moments!

It is this reason why many graduates like to show off their childhood photos and any important moments that have occurred while they were in school at their graduation celebration. It shows all of your friends and relatives how far you have come, and gives you a chance to reminisce about the good ol’ days!

However, you don’t have to hide all of your favorite photographs in a photo album, or stick to the classic poster board display style. Your photo display should be just as eye catching and unique as the rest of your party decor! To give you some ideas, here are four creative ways to show off your favorite photos at your graduation party:

Photo Number

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4 Common Questions From Guests About Graduation Parties

What is an appropriate gift? Can you bring a guest? Answers to these questions and more!

Earlier this month, we here at My Paper Shop wrote an article answering some of the most common questions that people have when they’re hosting a graduation party. For instance, what type of food should you serve and are you allowed to host a joint party? However, these celebratory events can be full of questions, even for the guests who will be attending the event.

If you have never attended a graduation party before, you may be a little unfamiliar with the common etiquette and protocol that goes together with these events. For instance, are you allowed to bring a guest with you to the party? What is an appropriate gift for a high school or college graduate? If you have a calendar full of graduation parties to attend this summer, have no fear! Today we are answering some of the most common questions that party guests have when it comes to graduation events and parties.

Graduation design

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How To Throw An Out Of The Box Graduation Party

When you think of decorations for a graduation party, you probably think of little graduation caps everywhere, light refreshments with the graduation year etched in icing anywhere possible, and a table celebrating the grad’s accomplishments. While some things are a staple, like the table all about the grad (it’s their day after all), here are some ways to spice up the “tried and true” grad party.

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5 Common Questions About Graduation Parties From Party Hosts

Can you throw a joint party? How long should your party last? The answers to your most common graduation party questions.

If you are hosting your very first graduation party this upcoming summer, whether it’s for a family member or close friend that has graduated high school, college or even vocational school, you may have some questions about what is “the norm” at these types of events. For instance, how long should your graduation party last for? How should you go about throwing a party for two people at once? Should your party’s theme colors reflect the graduate’s former school colors or future school colors?

Today we are answering all of these questions and more for those who are throwing a 2014 graduation party!


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3 Things To Know Before Throwing A Graduation Party

If you’re hosting a graduation party this summer, be sure to first read these tips!

Graduation is an important time in a young adult’s life. In fact, it’s often one of the first life milestones that a child accomplishes all on their own! From their first day in kindergarten, all the way through to their high school or college graduation day, they have put in hours of hard work, studying and endless homework assignments to earn themselves the right to graduate. Therefore, it’s no wonder that celebrating this momentous occasion is such a big deal!

However, whether you are planning your son or daughter’s first graduation party after high school, or you have just graduated from college and want to throw your own graduation party in celebration of this major achievement, there are a few things that you should first know before you host this important event.

graduation party
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How To Make Graduation Themed Dessert

It doesn’t seem like it, but graduation season is only around the corner. The Spring semester just began, and this semester may be the home stretch for many pursuing higher education degrees. It’s so exciting. You can smell the end, and at the same time it’s still so far away. I totally get it. If you’re not the soon-to-be graduate, make sure to encourage them and help them stay motivated. My sister graduates at the end of this semester and I couldn’t be prouder. All those sleepless nights and sacrifices are about to pay off! That is why I’m brainstorming for her celebration starting now!


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How To Plan A Farewell Party

Now that our little ones are about a month into the new school year, it’s time to say good bye to the older kids—the ones embarking on a new adult journey in college. We’ve attended a few farewell parties in the past couple of weeks and there are a couple more left on the schedule. These bright adults are getting prepared to move across the nation to pursue their dreams. So far, we’ve said farewell to a new students at Stanford University, Chapman University, and a new graduate student at University of Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to see them grow into responsible adults or grow in their chosen career path. Continue reading

Spring Graduation Planning

We are now well into March and the spring season is definitely underway. Those of you who instantly become Irish this time of year have St. Patrick’s Day later this week and by the end of the month to early April, we can welcome the Spring Break-ers with open arms. In spite of the recent natural disaster in Japan, a nice break from routine (for students, at least) is a silver lining in the clouds. It is a good time to go home, be with family and really appreciate the people and blessings in our lives. Continue reading

Congratulations, Class of 2010

I can almost smell the freshly printed diplomas for this year’s high school and college graduates. Graduation is definitely a bittersweet moment as high school students leave behind their safe zone and embark on a new chapter of adulthood. College graduation marks the end of a student’s educational career and the beginning of his/her adult job career.

My younger sister graduates from high school this year and my close friend graduates from college. I’m so excited, so proud, and so happy for both of them. Completing either feat is a great accomplishment and all of you graduates should march to ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ with your heads held high.

I remember I didn’t care if I had a huge party or not, as long as I was surrounded by all the people I love-the same people that were there for me during my all-nighters and my nervous breakdowns. When you reach the end of the tunnel, take a deep breath, smile and shed a tear or two if necessary (happy tears, of course).

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Congratulations, Class of 2009!

My sister graduated from high school yesterday. Nowadays, a high school diploma is a must if you want to earn a paycheck that will get you more than just dinner. More than 90% of her graduating class will be pursuing a higher education next year and boy, is that an accomplishment. Although many high schools encourage high school students to go to college by showing them graphs, charts and statistics, I believe it’s important to share personal college experience to leave a real impression.

In my last year of college, a professor passed around a story about a student’s hard earned success. He didn’t tell us it was about him right away and instead let us discuss the details first. He was an immigrant when he was pursuing his education and in spite of all the hardships and hurdles, he succeeded and graduated. It is amazing what pure drive and determination can do for a person’s dream.

Because of the upcoming wedding, a lot of family is down here visiting so, what was going to be a small barbecue turned into quite the ordeal. I had picked up a few graduation themed party items for when it came time to celebrate. My all time favorite: the Congratulation Graduate Imprintable Party Invitations; they are so adorable and I love that you can compose your own message.

It’s important to celebrate major accomplishments and let the hardworking student know that his/her effort paid off. Parents, even if your son/daughter seems to be living on cloud 9, don’t stop encouraging them to pursue their dreams. They’ll love you more for it later.

P.S. Congratulations Class of 2009!! :-D