5 Last Minute Items You’ll Need For A Party

Earlier this month, my siblings and I put together a very intimate surprise birthday party for our mother. We all have such crazy schedules that we literally didn’t get around to planning anything until the week before. Seriously, I don’t recommend procrastinating that long when it comes to planning any event. I will say that even major party planners have that moment five minutes before “go-time” when they realize they may have overlooked a few minor, yet very important necessities.

Premium Plastic Party Plates & Trays

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Wedding Budget Cuts

Since this recession is not going anywhere and a vast majority of brides or newlyweds-to-be are more than likely to be on a modest budget, I thought it might be nice to share some new alternatives.

Over the past couple of years, many of you have called to inquire about the disposable cutlery that looks like real silverware. We are finally offering Metallic Cutlery and Pre-Rolled Metallic Cutlery with a White or a Black Linen Like napkin. Nice, right? Unless your venue includes the silverware with the rental, it’s a nice money saver both because you don’t have to pay the rental fee or take the time to have it cleaned afterward. When people would describe it to me before, it sounded alright, but I wasn’t intrigued or anything. I apologize for judging too quickly. This product is really nice and definitely keeps that air of elegance most wedding planners tend to create. Continue reading

Chocolate Brown Fever

Chocolate Brown is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors at this time. You see the color trend in everything from clothing fashion trends, to hair color, tableware, shoes, purses and even technology (my phone, ironically, is chocolate brown). Here at MyPaperShop.com, we have definitely noticed the trend in wedding color choices and party themes.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Chocolate Brown is obviously a favorite for table top decorations. Our Chocolate Brown Linen Like Table Covers (banquet or 82 Inch for round tables) will add that elegant look to your event, yet they’re disposable for an easy clean-up. No one wants to worry about cleaning up after hosting a big Thanksgiving feast! My mother usually hosts Thanksgiving for our family and she raves about this innovative product.

For more casual (usually outdoor) events, Chocolate Brown Plastic Table Covers (banquet or 82 Inch for round tables) are perfect. Almost any bright colored tableware accents will contrast beautifully with this color for the perfect fall themed party.

Brown is the current black.

Advice from the MPS Sales Team: Stock up. :-D

Fateful Cookies

Landmark parties and events are usually planned in honor of an important occasion or milestone in a person(s) life. For example, weddings are the celebration of the union between two people that love each other and wish to spend the rest of their lives (ideally) together. Invited guests are generally close friends and relatives of either the bride or the groom and they are typically happy for the joyful.

A fun way for you happy hosts to share your joy with your guests is to use fortune cookies as party favors—fortune cookies with self-made fortunes that is. First, write out your own creative messages, then steam open each fortune cookie and remove the message strip and insert your own. Let them cool and re-harden.

If you’d like to add a more Asian touch to your party, consider Chopstick Caterwraps as an elegant touch to your table setting.

The Cinderella Wedding & Reality

Most girls envision their perfect wedding beginning at the “ripe age” of 10—the wedding gown, the fairytale venue, the never-before-seen-color scheme, the bridesmaid dresses, the most exotic flowers, etc. In dreams, however, budgets and fairy godmothers do not coexist. Wedding season has been here for some months and more than a few Bridezilla’s have popped in for some delightful visits. In an effort to soothe their wrath, I have taken it upon myself to point out a few alternative options that might help her meet her fairy godmother halfway.

A lifelong friend of mine is getting ready to hop on the marriage bandwagon this summer and I’ve been watching her stress about all of the different wedding expenses. I used to think weddings were only extremely expensive if the bride wanted a rather extravagant wedding. Newsflash: a small wedding reception can tear a hole in your wallet just as well.

Decorations are the venue’s special-occasion-wardrobe and although table linens may sound like an insignificant detail, it turns out they can easily bite off a rather large chunk of the wedding budget. The average cost of renting table linens is approximately $180/dozen and that does not include table skirting and the various table sizes (if applicable).

Linen Like Tablecloths and Guest Hand Towels are a magical substitute for the real thing. Linen Like is a soft, dense paper material that looks and feels like real cloth. If you don’t believe me, sample swatches of the material are available upon request.

A case of 24 white banquet size tablecloths is available for anywhere between $73.95 and $88.95—that’s half the cost of renting real linens! If the wedding color scheme is a tad edgier, cases of 12 tablecloths are available in special prints and colors for $84.95, a price that still does not begin to compare to what party rental locations have to offer.

A wedding is one of the most important days of person’s life and it is completely understandable that one might want to splurge for this special day. Let’s be practical, though: debt is not the most appealing way to start a marriage. Bargain hunting can be time consuming, but in these trying times, it’s worth it.

Linen Like Guest Towels

Last week, I told you about one of the best deals at MyPaperShop: Linen Like table covers.  A paper product, Linen Like table covers look like linen, feel like linen, and (most importantly) act like linen.  There’s more to this line than simply table covers, table runners, and even napkins.  We also carry Linen Like Guest Towels!

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Go Green With MyPaperShop

MyPaperShop offers a wide variety of earth-friendly napkin and guest hand towel products. Our Recycled Paper Hand Towels, Cocktail or Dinner Napkins, and Biodegradable Hand Towels are environmentally friendly products. It is good to know that the napkin products you purchase will not sit for thousands of years in a landfill, but will give back to the planet by biodegrading into the soil. Take a look around our site for more earth-friendly items!