How To Play St. Patrick’s Day Party Games

St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies

When I was younger, it used to annoy me to no end that everyone and their mother would assume an Irish heritage…only on St. Patrick’s Day. I just felt that we should let them have their celebration because why should the rest of us just enjoy certain aspects of their background. This, of course, was when I was younger. Now, I feel that we should all join in to show appreciation for the Irish culture and obviously just for fun. Okay, more for the fun. Regardless of why you decide to partake in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year, I think you should incorporate these fun drinking games whether you are hosting or not. They can be played with alcoholic beverages if it’s an adult party or with green tinted apple juice if the children want to join: Continue reading

Green Beer

Although St. Patrick’s Day began as a Catholic holiday, it slowly became a secular feast day and a major celebration for Irish culture. Many traditions stemmed around the same time-traditions like wearing green and wearing shamrocks. Shamrocks are a large part of the holiday because St. Patrick is said to have used the three leaf clover to explain the trinity.

Another celebration tradition that ensued after the holiday became publicly official in the 1930s was that of drinking at bars. Nowadays, bars and restaurants get pretty creative with the St. Patrick’s Day themed beverages they serve. One very popular drink is green beer. Below are quick and easy tips for making your own green beer at home in case you would like to avoid any DUI tragedies:

  • Blue food coloring works best (especially w/light, yellow beers) - this will create a true green color
  • Green Martinis are also great for those who don’t appreciate beer
  • Or, try a dark beer like Guiness. The Irish love their dark liquor.

We highly recommend using Etch-It Plastic Beverage Cups as they are perfect for beer and large parties.

St. Patrick’s Day - Dress It Up!

Want to put some spunk in your St. Patrick’s Day festivities?  Whether you are hosting a private party in your home, venturing out with friends for some fun, want to bring some life to the office or even run your own business or restaurant, you can easily turn an ordinary occasion into a bit ‘o the Irish with a few simple accessories. Continue reading