3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Party Supplies In Bulk

If you’re planning a party, consider buying in bulk for these reasons!

The summer season is definitely party season. Between bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, graduations and more, there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate during the warm summer months! This is why My Paper Shop has made it easier than ever to shop for all of your summer parties right online!

However, if you are thinking of ordering party supplies online through My Paper Shop, you may be wondering what the advantages are of shopping for supplies in bulk. After all, we are one of the leading wholesale party suppliers of disposable goods in the country! To help you learn why bulk is better when it comes to your party planning, here are just a few reasons why you should be buying your party supplies in bulk.


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Pumpkin Carving Contest: Top 5 Popular Designs

Decorating is a huge part of the Halloween holiday fun and arts and crafts projects usually go hand in hand with this rather important task. One of the basic, not to mention classic, elements of decorating for All Hallow’s Eve is pumpkin carving! Go pick out the perfect pumpkin(s), download your favorite stencil (or do your own if you’re so lucky to be that talented), carve, pop a candle inside and voila. It adds instant festive flair to your porch or home entrance. Make a day of it in the next couple of weeks so that you can display it for a good amount of time before the big night.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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How To Make It a Kabob Dinner - Summer Menus

The hot summer weather makes it almost unbearable to cook inside sometimes. This is obviously why “cookouts” and barbecues originated. The heat, although perfect for a dip in the pool, is imperfect for putting together a delicious dinner menu. We experimented with fresh grilled veggie and shrimp kebobs and apple/yogurt/granola kebobs today. Dinner turned out delicious and eating outside in the open air felt great. It was an impromptu picnic! Continue reading

5 Last Minute Items You’ll Need For A Party

Earlier this month, my siblings and I put together a very intimate surprise birthday party for our mother. We all have such crazy schedules that we literally didn’t get around to planning anything until the week before. Seriously, I don’t recommend procrastinating that long when it comes to planning any event. I will say that even major party planners have that moment five minutes before “go-time” when they realize they may have overlooked a few minor, yet very important necessities.

Premium Plastic Party Plates & Trays

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Candy Themed Table Centerpieces & Favors - DIY

Valentine’s Day is already about a month away. This holiday is always full of grumps who hate it or lovebirds who are way too excited. I was making table centerpieces for a friend’s party recently and I figured it would be simple to apply the same concept to a centerpiece, gift or favor except make it candy themed-these would be perfect for those grumps that need a smile or something to sweeten their day! Continue reading

Couponing to Donating

I’m not sure how many of you are avid viewers of the TLC (The Learning Channel) television network, but they are currently airing a show called “Extreme Couponing.” The name alone makes the show intriguing considering the economic climate we are currently undergoing. During each episode, the show follows about three (3) women through their daily coupon endeavors. Some of these women have resorted to couponing because of their family’s financial situation, and others are on a whole different ball field-an addictive field. Continue reading

Holy Occasions

My sister is about to become a godmother for the first time next month…my sister and tons of other devout Catholics ready to become “spiritual guides” for the younger members of the community.

May is traditionally the month in which every Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon is booked for Christenings, Communions and Confirmations. These religious ceremonies are traditional rites that Catholics and Christians must undergo as part of their faith.

Because these religious rites of passage are so important to the Catholic and Christian communities, they should not happen without the proper acknowledgment. A celebration that features a simple cake and ice cream theme is perfectly reasonable. Most of the time, our family hosts get-togethers at the park since it takes care of entertainment for the children (e.g. plenty of space to run and get tired, and playgrounds) and at the same time, the mess can be taken care of a lot quicker.

Make sure and plan ahead to make this event memorable for your child and less stressful for yourself. Shop our selection of Religious Party Supplies and avoid doing dishes for one night. :-D

Easter Egg Hunts!

Easter is the first weekend in April this year. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Easter was only a couple months ago. Time flies.

With Lent in full mode, all of that time spent away from those dark vices should be spent gearing up for this big holiday. Might I suggest using your spare time and energy to plan a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids? That weekend is the perfect family weekend and what better way to celebrate then at the park with food, games, family and friends?

Ask family members to pitch in with different materials like stencils, food coloring, hard boiled eggs and any arts and crafts tools that would enhance the experience. Others could be in charge of hiding the eggs while others help the children make baskets in which to collect their eggs. Make sure and set up festive Easter table covers or pastel colored plastic table covers to make the clean up easier. Easter decorations can range from anything like a giant basket to clever centerpieces and bunny accents.Enjoy the treats, the fun and the bunny talk!

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